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What Others are Saying about the PCDN Network

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is an open source for networking, resources, and exploring the fields of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, development, human rights, and more. We are constantly developing the site and also seeking feedback on how the site may have impacted you. Below please find feedback from some members. To see additional feedback and make your own comments, visit the feedback discussion.


Advertising with PCDN has increased Rotary Peace Centers’ external visitors by almost 200%. PCDN is now the number one driver of external visitors to Rotary Peace Centers’ website. 

For our 2015 Summer School on “Transitional Justice and Education”, we had interest from 99 countries around the globe. Out of a total 1850 clicks to find out more about our program, a record 791 came via PCDN, making this the number one source of inquiries for our program. Nine of our final round candidates learned about the program via PCDN and four of the 18 selected participants. We could not have asked for a better way to promote our event and highly recommend PCDN to reach a global audience.

The Peace and Collaborative Network is an invaluable resource for reaching a large swath of the international development community. Advertising on PCDN for our 2014 Annual Conference was a great success, as it generated the second highest number of referrals, equaling 20% of the total number. These referrals also brought in 22.5% of our new users in the months leading up to the conference. We would not have been able to reach these new users without PCDN’s exposure.

PCDN is an absolutely indispensable advertising platform for our work at TechChange. The network and its members and extremely influential within the international development arena. Roughly 20% of applicants for our courses have come from PCDN and we’ve seen significant increase of around 15% in traffic to our site. The PCDN team is exceptionally professional and I highly recommend the network to others who are interested in advertising.

PCDN has been a valuable resource for the Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards at SXSW Interactive. For the 2016 awards cycle, 12% of the nominations were referred via PCDN.

PCDN is vital to the work of Atlas Corps as we recruit professionals from around the world. It has also become a network builder as the majority of our Fellows use PCDN to forward their long-term professional goals. Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, PCDN has helped us reach more than 130 countries as we receive on average 500 to 1,000 applications a month.

In our recent recruiting for the Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professorship on Education for Sustainable Peace, PCDN was the number one source of web traffic, accounting for over 75% of all visitors. We have consistently found advertising on PCDN is one of the best ways of reaching out to interested and qualified scholars and practitioners in the field from all around the world.

Cordes Fellowships award $2,200-$2,950 scholarships to social entrepreneurs and innovative nonprofit directors from over 30 countries around the globe, including over 50% women leaders, who bring their important work to Opportunity Collaboration as full Delegates. Recruiting the world’s top leaders in poverty alleviation and economic justice requires a microphone with speakers everywhere – like PCDN! We were thrilled that our Cordes Fellow announcement was viewed over 2,400 by PCDN’s global network before the 2015 application deadline!

At Saferworld recruiting high quality candidates for our vacancies is crucial.  PCDN is one of our top sources, reaching, as it does, far and wide amongst the peacebuilding/conflict prevention community.

PCDN has proven to be an invaluable resource in our recruiting for Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation. Through posting on  the network, and outreach via PCDN’s blast emails and social media channels, views of our original posting on the PCDN site increased by about 300%. Our website has also seen an dramatic increase in traffic – according to our web statistics, since the announcement of the Hansen program on PCDN, visits to our web site have increased by 200%.
PCDN has dramatically increased our visibilty and outreach, not only among their  members, but also with associates and friends of those subscribers.  We are very grateful to PCDN for their invaluable help in recruiting the top candidates for our program

The PCDN has emerged in a short time to become an absolutely essential resource for the peacebuilding field. Nowhere else can one find the tremendous range of information — from articles on innovative ideas, to job postings and event announcements. The scope of work encompassed on the PCDN is breathtaking, and highlights the richness and vitality of the peacebuilding field. PCDN supports its community members in very tangible ways. For example, immediately after placing an ad on PCDN for our new publication, Building Peace, and its dedicated website, we found the following:

* A 288% increase in page views for the website
* A 391% increase in site visitors to the website
* A 405% increase in subscribers to Building Peace
* 59% of ALL web traffic coming to the site was directed from PCDN

AfP invests in PCDN as a member because we appreciate the critical need that PCDN fills in connecting our diverse field. PCDN allows all of us to be better informed and more impactful in our work, and is helping build an infrastructure for collaboration and joint learning that will make peacebuilding dramatically more effective across multiple sectors.

Over 200 people visited our website, and 10% of all applicants to our summer course indicated that they had found out about it through the posting on the PCDN. Thanks for helping us to promote our course!

PCDN is a crucial tool for any organization seeking to communicate and collaborate directly with the global peace community.  The impact that the International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) achieved through our trainings and publications in the last year has been multiplied many times over by utilizing the incredible networking power of the PCDN.  No other new technology or social networking site even compares to the PCDN, and we, as the global peacebuilding community, are hugely indebted to the site founder for having the vision and passion to unite us under the PCDN banner.

PCDN has been a tremendous resource in our recruiting for our online course on Human Rights Education. In fact PCDN was the third largest source of Traffic to our site after Amnesty International and the Chilean Museum of History.

PCDN is our very best resource to discover partners for creating a world beyond war. It’s the world’s finest gathering place to find colleagues, tools, social science, human experience, learning opportunities, and employment on the road to creating together a global learning-community that works for all and excludes no one.

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is an essential tool for professional peacebuilders worldwide, and serves an important function for the peacebuilding and conflict resolution fields. As the institutional home for the peacebuilding community, the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)knows that many AfP members utilize PCDN as a source of information pertaining to current events, networking, jobs, new research, and more. As a valuable tool for individuals, PCDN complements AfP’s own work to advance the field of peacebuilding through innovative programming and policymaker education. PCDN’s value can be measured in the sheer volume of information that is generated throughout its network, and is a service we as peacebuilders should all be investing in.

GlobalGiving is thrilled with the launch of a Strategic Partnership with Peace and Collaborative Development Network. PCDN is an invaluable resource for civil society organizations seeking to network and stay informed on key opportunities in fundraising and capacity building.  Recently, this partnership has resulted in more than 74 entrepreneurial organizations to connect to potential opportunities for funding and expanding networks on the GlobalGiving platform.

I have found the site very useful for keeping up with what is going on in the field. I especially appreciate that things come my way on this site that I would never have thought of looking into, e.g., manuals and some topics that are outside of my direct work area.
As the editor of an internal newsletter for Search for Common Ground staff, I highlight, in the newsletter, the announcements that are particularly related to our work in media, youth, governance, etc. I do not have a way of tracking if anyone follows up on them, but staff often thank me for including a specific one of interest to them. I have also encouraged our staff around the world to join the site, and many have.

Like Peace Revolution, this network is a very significant platform where we meet like-minded peace activists from around the world. Knowing such key persons from different organizations helps in networking to a much wider and deeper level. Also, the immense source of information such as peace events, fellowships, grants, or updated news give us insightful perspective of what going-on in the world. This is truly an amazing hub of peace activists and educators who are prompt to react to the fast changing environment.

50% of the grants we have received have been through linkages we have established via PCDN. I encourage as many young social entrepreneurs to make use of PCDN because it has the right resources, in terms of finance we need to grow. It puts you in touch with the right networks.

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