The Social Change Career Helping Line

Welcome to the The Social Change Career HelpING Line

Unless you have lots of money to pay a personalized coach, where do you go to answer your specific questions about your socially-inspired career?

PCDN proudly announces something never done before.  It’s a Career HelpING Line for professionals in the social change space.

The Social Change Career HelpING Line is the place where professionals in social change  meet and together answer one another’s questions to leverage your careers of purpose.

Think of the questions about love, marriage and family that people use to send to magazines. Remember, “Dear so and so, I love this person…”

The Social Change Career HelpING Line is a 21st century version of that.  Only, the topics are not love but professional advancement in social change and the community will help each other.

But there is more….

We want you to benefit from the community and also get the best advice available.  To this end, PCDN has gathered The Career Advisory Panel. An incredible group of worldwide top experts in recruitment; higher education; development; impact investment; international peace and advocacy; media; human rights.  No joke.  We have over 40 professionals who are already on board to answer a selected number of questions from the group.

To see the wisdom/responses to date from our Career Advisory Board on your questions how to best advance a career of change click here

Interested?  Here is how you can be part of the The Social Change Career HelpING Line

Some basic guidelines to using the Helping Line

a) This is a closed Facebook group. All members must be approved. You can join here

b) No individual requests for jobs are permitted in the group. Questions should reflect topics of broader interest such as how does one build the skills to work in social impact? What is the best way to negotiate a salary in a particular sector? What are the trends in the field that I should be aware of and how to best engage? What type of talent does X organization look for in hiring?

c) Treat others, the questions and topics discussed with respect.

d) We welcome hard questions as building  career of purpose can be challenging, thus let’s talk about the wonders and challenges of building a career of impact.

e) No spamming or self-promotion is allowed in the group or accounts will be banned.

f) Although this is a closed group, the posts can be viewed by others. If you have a sensitive question please email us directly at info(at) We can post questions for you as a general one.

g) Only a select number of questions will be put forth to the advisory panel each month. There are no guarantees your questions will be answered.

h) The advice provided is general advice. All individuals are responsible for their own careers paths and ultimately making the appropriate decision for their careers.  The users agree not to hold PCDN or the advisory board liable for any decision a particular individual makes.











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