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Trauma, Peacebuilding, and Resilience – Level 1

Join us for “Trauma, Peace-building and Resilience – Level 1” at the 2019 Canadian School of Peacebuilding with instructors Vicki Enns and Wendy Kroeker. Courses are available for professional development, personal inspiration or academic credit. When individuals, families, or communities have been impacted by trauma, there can be ongoing vulnerability and post-traumatic stress as well as...

Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience, Level 1 (training course)

Taught by Katie Mansfield and Joy Kreider Traumatic events impact how individuals and groups think, feel, and behave as well as how societies are organized. Unhealed trauma often leads to violence and violence causes more violence as victims act out against others or become self-destructive. Created to help those who work with individuals, groups, or communities suffering from current or historic trauma,...

Singing to the Lions: Helping Children Respond Effectively to Violence and Abuse (training course)

Taught by Lucy Steinitz How can we help children and young adults – and even ourselves – who have experienced violence and fear in their daily lives? One answer that is both engaging and effective is to become trained in the Singing to the Lions workshop program, developed in Zimbabwe and adapted and implemented across four continents, including North America. Singing to the Lions is based on principles...

Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR): Practice, application, reflection and connection (training course)

Taught by Katie Mansfield During STAR Level II participants are invited to: * Share STAR experiences from your context with each other. * Review the core concepts of STAR and the 3-part STAR snail model, using Village STAR, a practical and simply illustrated manual. * Practice exercises and skills that promote healing and build resilience. * Plan and receive feedback on how you will engage STAR concepts...
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