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Truth-telling, Racial Healing and Restorative Justice (training course)

Taught by Fania Davis, Jodie Geddes and Lenore Bajare-Dukes “Truth-telling” is paramount in the quest for justice, particularly against the backdrop of silenced historical harm. This course grapples with the form and function of truth telling in the pursuit of justice and critically explores linkages between the two. We will survey and analyze historical approaches to truth-telling in the international...

Restorative Justice: Principles, Theories & Applications (training course)

Taught by Jude Oudshorn and Michelle Jackett This course provides a critical examination of the values, principles, and practices of restorative justice. It provides a unique opportunity to explore both the promise and the challenge of the restorative justice field in various contexts and from diverse perspectives. We examine how restorative justice presents a philosophy of justice that addresses the...

Circle Processes (training course)

Taught by Kay Pranis The Peacemaking Circle is a dialog process combining ancient wisdom about living in community with modern understandings about complex multicultural societies. The process is used for holding difficult conversations and for strengthening relationships within a group. This course will provide experience in the Peacemaking Circle process as well as an understanding of the foundational...

Nepal Conference on Restorative Justice 2018

Building on the transformative experience from the inaugural 2017 Nepal Conference on Restorative Justice, Nepal Institute of Justice is pleased to announce calls for registration for the Second Conference on Restorative Justice 2018. This conference aims to bring together practitioners and scholars working in the field of restorative justice (and allied areas) to discuss restorative justice as an...
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