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Building Resilience for Challenging Systemic Racism (training course)

A Trauma Healing Workshop for Activists and Allies Taught by Ram Bhagat The framework for Building Resilience for Challenging Systemic Racism is grounded in Restorative Justice theory, values, and praxis. This three day course examines the demography of school discipline along with the impact of school suspensions on incarceration rates. BRCSR also examines culturally responsive mindfulness programs...

Truth-telling, Racial Healing and Restorative Justice (training course)

Taught by Fania Davis, Jodie Geddes and Lenore Bajare-Dukes “Truth-telling” is paramount in the quest for justice, particularly against the backdrop of silenced historical harm. This course grapples with the form and function of truth telling in the pursuit of justice and critically explores linkages between the two. We will survey and analyze historical approaches to truth-telling in the international...
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