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Dear Colleagues, At IRES, we are pleased to announce the following top upcoming courses. In-depth Research Services is a capacity building institution, founded in 2003 with the objective of building capacity for development professionals to enhance effective delivery of development services in Africa. The organization runs training programs in East Africa, training over 10,000 development workers in...

GIS and Spatial Analysis for Agriculture and Food Security Training

INTRODUCTION Increasing food demands due to high rates of population growth and major changes in political and economic and social systems have created an urgent need to develop new and revise many existing agricultural systems and practices. With climate change being a common global phenomenon, humanity continues to grapple with its effects among them being food insecurity, drought, and famine. Agriculture...

Water Resources Management Training on 15th – 19th October, 2018

INTRODUCTION Water is a key driver of economic and social development while it has a basic function in maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. Managers whether in government or private sectors have to make difficult decisions to apportion the diminishing water supplies with the ever increasing demands. Drivers such as demographic and climatic changes further increase stress on water...

Farmer Field School (FFS) Training

INTRODUCTION Farmer field school (FFS) is a group-based learning process that brings together concepts and methods from agroecology, experiential education and community development. It also involves regular field observations and group analysis. It is a major undertaking towards the realization of sustainable agriculture as it helps farmers make their own locally specific decisions about crop management...

Agribusiness Enterprise Development and Management Training

INTRODUCTION The agriculture sector plays an important role towards rural development which in turn plays a vital role towards economic development being one of the major sources of income in developing countries. It is a major creator of jobs and plays a key role towards the realization of food security in any particular nation. This training program is intended to help the participants embrace agribusiness...
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