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Scarlett Amey-Wyns


Recent graduate, MSc Global Conflict and Peace Processes

Clearwater, FL, United States

Education and Awards

  • MSc, Global Conflict and Peace Processes, with Commendation
  • Rotary International Global Grant Peace Scholar
  • BA, Applied Linguistics, Highest Honors

Employment and Experience

  • Criminal Justice Conflict Resolution Symposium – St. Leo, FL
  • World Relief – Tampa, FL
  • Teaching Assistant
    • University of Aberdeen – Scotland, UK
    • Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota – USA
  • English Exchange – Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Shibashi Schools Project – Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • The Phillips Family – Budapest, Hungary
  • UNA Clubs – Budapest, Hungary

l Skills

  • Research
    • Qualitative and archival
    • Linguistic data collection and analysis
    • Previous research topics:
      • The legitimacy of universal human rights
      • Statelessness among Roma in the Balkans
      • The efficacy of peace museums
      • Nargono-Karabak
      • Concepts of justice and reconciliation among African Americans in the United States
  • IT
    • Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
    • Evernote
    • Shoebox (linguistic data management program)
    • Graphic design and basic website development
  • Updated 1 year ago

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