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Resources for Job Seekers

Employers Please visit the Guide for Using the Network

One of the goals of this network is to provide a centralized resource for anyone seeking employment in the field of international affairs, peacebuilding, development and related areas. This brief section provides an overview of basic site resources for careers.

PLEASE NOTE Members are not allowed to post their individual requests related to their job or funding searches on the site. Anyone posting such requests may be banned. There are many resources related to jobs and funding on the site, but if we allowed such individual requests the site would be deluged.

HOW TO USE THE NETWORK FOR JOB SEARCHING Many employers are now using the network to identify and recruit candidates for potential positions. To ensure that you might be considered for these opportunities, it is strongly recommended to have a brief bio in your profile that highlights you relevant skills and experience (3 to 4 paragraphs). In addition, members should fill out the other areas of their profile and indicate relevant sectoral areas, languages, geographic experience, etc.


For anyone seeking career opportunities first we recommend you review the key job resources on the network that include:

  • See our Tips for Developing Effective Resumes.pdf
  • Read the ACT Report (based on interviews with 60 employers)
  • Guide to Careers In International Peace and Conflict Resolution Webreport.pdf
  • See Dr. Zelizer’s Talk Can you make a living and change the world or change the world and make a living?
  • See Dr. Zelizer’s webinar, Strategies and Tools for Advancing a Career in Peacebuilding and Social Change
  • Guide: World’s Top Meta List of Job Sites/Resources in Social Change, Development, Peacebuilding and Related Fields
  • There are no silos in working for better lives, wisdom for advancing careers in peacebuilding and the social sector
  • Guide to Internships
  • Guide to Academic Jobs
  • Job/Consulting Opportunities Forum Opportunities can be viewed in forum (a reminder please no individual requests by individuals seeking jobs are permitted). Please note the PCDN network posts opportunities as a service to the community, we are not hiring for positions and individuals always need to follow the links and instructions on how to apply.
  • Top 10 Tips for for a Successful Career in Washington, D.C. Policymaking
  • Key Tips for Entering the Education in Emergencies Field
  • UN Job List Guides (by Sebastian Rottmair):
    • How to get a Job in the UN
    • UN System job hunting – Contract Types
    • Finding that job you need to apply for!
    • UN Job List: FAQ on Job Hunting Strategies



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