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The PCDN Network is one of the premier sites in the world focused on international development, peacebuilding, humanitarian relief, social entrepreneurship, international affairs and more.  The membership of the site is over 32,000 and includes many leading practitioners, policymakers, and scholars with over 20 years experience to more junior candidates and students. The network reaches over 180 countries and is a wonderful resource for recruiting.

Many leading local and international organizations regularly use PCDN to recruit and identify candidates for jobs, consulting opportunities and internships, including: The International Rescue Committee, Atlas Service Corps, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, International Alert, policy and academic institutions around the world and more. To see the list of current job postings see,

At Saferworld recruiting high quality candidates for our vacancies is crucial.  PCDN is one of our top sources, reaching, as it does, far and wide amongst the peacebuilding/conflict prevention community. Marie Aziz, Human Resources Manager, Saferworld


PCDN played a key role in our hiring process, allowing us to connect with and hire an excellent candidate. When it comes to peacebuilding and development, PCDN is the most comprehensive network and resource that we as practitioners have at our fingertips.Meeghan Zahorsky, Associate Consultant, Vera Solutions


In a bind to find a specialized consultant on short notice, we recently posted to the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.  Within a matter of days we had a sizable pool of candidates for the position, and within two weeks we secured from amongst them someone with just the right credentials for the job.  Thank you PCDN. Tarek Massarini, Program Manager,Salam Institute for Peace and Justice


What I like the most about this network is its diversity. Not one person, institution, or epistemology, ranks above others due to geography. PCDN has kept me informed, allowed me to voice some opinions, and most importantly, has allowed me to carry out two successful job searches in the past two years. The quality and diversity of candidates that applied to work in my department has just been outstanding. Before posting my job advertisement to PCDN, I had a handful of serious applications. PCDN increased the application numbers by more than 400%. The diversity of the candidates allowed me to interview qualified candidates from all over the world, hence reflecting in my department the diversity of our student population at UPEACE. I find PCDN to be an invaluable job search resource. Dr. Victoria Fontan, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace


  • Posting jobs/internships is free, but for organizations that are not paid members we do suggest a $75 payment per job posting. We also offer yearly packages for organizations that want to post and distribute postings to the PCDN network (see below for more info).
    • To make a payment click on donate and enter $75 or contact us at info(at) and we can provide an invoice.
  • NOTE, we only permit posting of opportunities that fit the PCDN criteria, we reserve the right to not accept inappropriate postings.
  • How to Post: see the Guide to Posting.
  • Member Search: For organization that do join PCDN as paid members, it is possible to also search through the member database to find top potential candidates (see below).

Employers may also appreciate the meta list of Key Job Sites in the field that provides an overview of other top recruiting sites.


Anyone can perform a basic search. To do an advanced search, you need to be a member of the site, then click on members, advanced search (it is possible to search via keyword, area of expertise, years of experience, sectoral expertise, etc.) To contact potential candidates click on the members profile and send a message. For more details see the Guide to How Organizations can use the Network.


A paid organizational membership can benefit your organization in several ways.

1) Distribution of Job Postings – Paid organizational members are eligible to have up to 1 blast email sent per month to to all 32,000+ members and have up to 2 postings featured on our Twitter and Linked in accounts each month.
2) Unlimited Job Postings on PCDN – Each organization can place unlimited number of jobs each month directly on PCDN (these need to be posted directly by the org and positions need to match with the themes of PCDN)
3) Find Candidates on PCDN – Paid organizational members can search (by sector, geographic location, years of experience, etc.) PCDN can also provide guidance in identifying  candidates. Employers can also access and search the PCDN Linkedin Group.
4) Featured Job Opportunity of the Month – Paid organizational members are eligible to have one position per month featured on PCDN’s home page (space permitting).
5) Technical Support – PCDN offers organizations support for how to best use the network through email and phone support (by appointment).
6) Help PCDN Grow –  Financial support helps to support and grow the PCDN network, one of the premier international affair networking sites in the world.
7) Eligible for Discounts on PCDN Advertising – Organizational Members are eligible to receive a discount for ads placed on PCDN (space permitting)

The rate for a yearly membership varies according to the size of the organization.
If you have questions about the rates for organizational memberships, would like to discuss customized options or for additional questions please contact PCDN at info(at)

NOTE, we only permit posting of opportunities that fit the PCDN criteria, we reserve the right to not accept inappropriate postings.





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