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Active Blogger, with close to 28000 hits on my username; organizer/collaborator for EnergyTalk; Oil2Wind; EnergyKiting and ExtremeGreen. All about coaching and organizing an effective peace2green movement that is bigger than Blackwater or the US empire.

Starting a greenest cities tour of ten cities, looking for the greenest cities in North America. This will become a model for international growth and development, starting with Green Awareness.

Formerly the organizer of a computer literacy campaign, called NeighborhoodTEACH, a collaborative effort to promote teaching the neighbors, instead of having to Watch the Neighbors. I later helped to organize an after-school outreach called Creative Apprenticeships, in which the student was being trained to Create their own opportunities for afterschool development projects.

United States
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US, Mexico and Venezuela, with networking contacts in Africa, Europe and Asia.
GO without Limits; Global Group Technologies Network and 5G Wireless Everything
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Society, Culture, Development, Dialogue, Education, Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Organizational Development, Psychosocial, Peacebuilding, Youth
Advocacy, Evaluation, Research, Training
Global warming vs. Global Melting; what is happening to the sea floor and to the oceans? Underground Tsunamis; how oceans of magma are eroding our sea floors. From the Earth to the Moon; thanks to Jules Verne, serious scientists are using the term verneshots to describe mass extinctions.
All about blogging; no professional publications. Just google me vinbeazel

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