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1. Programme Analyst, Interagency Strategy for Mainstreaming Conflict Sensitivity in Unicef Nepal from September 2011 till date. It is a NO-B level position that demands skills and knowledge in mainstreaming conflict sensitivity. The wider responsibilities include incorporating conflict sensitivity internally within the UN system, with an initial focus on key initiatives within UNDP, UNICEF and UN Nepal’s Resident and Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator’s Office (RCHCO) and expand externally to key government counterparts. The specific responsibilities include:

o Support the design, review and implementation of all aspects of the UN Interagency Programme on Mainstreaming Conflict Sensitivity, set within the broader strategic framework of the UNDP Conflict Prevention Programme:
o Provide support on establishing institutional mechanisms and institutional capacity for mainstreaming conflict-sensitivity
o Provide technical expertise, as part of the Interagency Technical Support Team, to coordinate and provide technical support to mainstreaming conflict-sensitive approaches in selected UN pilot initiatives
o Provide technical expertise, as part of the Interagency Technical Support Team, to mainstream conflict-sensitive approaches into key UNDP, UNICEF and UNCT-wide organisational mechanisms, processes and procedures
o Support knowledge management through research and documentation, production of communication materials to be used during workshops and trainings.

2. Team Leader- Peacebuilding Research Project in CARE Nepal from October 2009 to September 2011. It is a manager level position demanding a wide range of responsibilities; managing the overall project, working in close coordinating with research team and national reference group including Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction. The specific responsibilities include:
o Provide programmatic leadership, strategic guidance, technical oversight and support for program planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and Reporting of peace building research project
o Lead a research team in Nepal to conduct research on validating Theory of Change (ToC) of peace building programs in order develop tools and guidelines for designing, monitoring and evaluation.
o Conduct Research on peacebuilding ToC, evaluate peacebuilding projects and disseminate learning with wider peacebuilding communities. (Out of six projects selected for research, five were on youth and peacebuilding)
o Contribute in mainstreaming conflict sensitivity into all CARE Nepal’s programming and engaging in peacebuilding
o Doing conflict analysis in order to map out the potential conflict, its causes and dynamics

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South Asia, Nepal
Conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding in Unicef nepal
Conflict Mainstreaming, Conflict Resolution, Development, Internally Displaced, Humanitarian Relief, Land Issues, Nonviolence, Peacebuilding, Violence Prevention, Youth
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