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TransConflict undertakes conflict transformation projects and research throughout the Western Balkans.

Conflict transformation is a long-term, gradual process, demanding sustained engagement and interaction. Accordingly, TransConflict seeks to contend with the particularities of conflict within specific geographical areas and target groups.

TransConflict focuses on five specific types of transformation (cf. Lederach, Vayrynen – Selected Quotes):

- Actor – modifying actors’ goals and their approach to pursuing these goals.
- Context – influencing the context in which conflict occurs so as to challenge the meaning and perceptions of conflict itself, particularly the respective attitudes and understandings of specific actors towards one another.
- Issue – redefining the issues that are central to the prevailing conflict, and reformulating the position of key actors on those very issues.
- Rule – changes in the norms and rules governing decision-making at all levels determine the extent to which conflicts are constructively resolved.
- Structural – conflict is underpinned by, and embedded in, the prevailing structure of relationships, power distributions and socio-economic conditions, changes to which impact the very fabric of interaction between previously incompatible actors, issues and goals.

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Serbia Bosnia-Herzegovina Kosovo Montenegro Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Croatia
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Conflict Mainstreaming, Conflict Resolution, Democratization, Nonviolence, Peacekeeping, Violence Prevention

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