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Todd Walters is the founder and Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions, which applies experiential learning within transboundary protected areas to foster an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and collaboration, to build a network dedicated to the advancement of cross-border environmental collaboration, and to support community driven development.

Walters is the first Fellow at the Policy Center for Environment and Peace at Conservation International where he provides strategic guidance and technical input on environmental peacebuilding strategy development. Walters is also a Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security where he publishes Peace & Conflict Impact Assessments and produces micro-documentary films in the “Transcending Boundaries” series.

Walters is a founding member of the Environmental Peacebuilding Academy and instructs courses at the University of Vermont, Ohio University and the Monterey Institute for International Studies; and has guest lectured at numerous universities and presented at numerous conferences.

Walters publications include: Environmental Peacebuilding: Extending the Framework for Collaboration: The evolution of Environmental Peacemaking through the joint management of the shared water resources of Lake Titicaca between Bolivia and Peru; The Social-­Ecological Aspects of Conducting a Transboundary Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment in Waterton­-Glacier International Peace Park; A Peace Park in the Balkans: Cross-Border Cooperation and Livelihood Creation through Coordinated Environmental Conservation; and the entry "Experiential Peacebuilding" in the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace.

Walters is a NOLS­ (National Outdoor Leadership School) certified adventure guide with wilderness first responder emergency medical training and has led expeditions around the globe.

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Albania, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Kosovo(a), Montenegro, UK, Semester at Sea - Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan.
Executive Director - International Peace Park Expeditions
Civil Society, Culture, Dialogue, Education, Environment, Facilitation, Organizational Development, Social Entreprenuership
Capacity Building, Communication, Curriculum Development, Program Administration, Program Design, Program Implemenation, Research, Training
International Peace Parks, Environmental Peacemaking, Experiential Peacebuilding.
Experiential Peacebuilding - entry in Oxford University Encyclopedia of Peace. Environmental Peacebuilding - Extending the Collaboration Framework (A case study of the Joint Management of Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia) - Chapter in an Edited Volume from International Peace Parks Conference to be published by Calgary University Press

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