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Survivor of DV, Survivor of TBI, and understand a lot about misunderstanding, and experiencing meeting people that are not as informed and react in ways that are not appropriate but want to educate, inform and help others build better communication skills towards a more peaceful world. Always reading, researching and learning more because I feel that if one is open to learning new things and meeting new people(I am working on the trust thing) then communications with others should improve.

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I do not feel I am an expert just yet but I have valuable experience. I have traveled to UK(England , Scotland Wales and Orkney's Main Island with a college program), Cuba(3 times-very much an eye-opening experience), Puerto Rico, Canada and while attending the Millenium Conference Ending Domestic Violence in Chicago in 1999 met women from other countries that do not have a voice and are trying to find ways to improve their lives. Oh, and I lived in Texas a year which is like its own country mentality.
I do not want to be specifically descriptive due to safety but I am part of a women's group of DV survivors aiming at ending DV. Would like to study Educational Psychology for my masters degree in many avenues.
Education, Information and Communication Technology, Organizational Development
Advocacy, Budgeting, Fundraising, Information Technology, Program Design
I am not a research assistant but currently doing my own reading on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, learning styles and more. I have some media training but could learn more. Helped start an or

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