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The Institute of The Institute of Development Policy and Management(IOB) is an autonomous multidisciplinary institute of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. IOB has an academic staff of more than 30 and is active in training, scientific research and policy advisory work in the field of development.

Master's programmes
IOB offers 3 Master's programmes, each of a duration of 12 months: Development Evaluation and Management, Governance and Development, and Globalisation and Development.

Various scholarships available

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Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, North America, Central America
education, scientific research, policy advisory work
French, Spanish
Civil Society, Conflict Mainstreaming, Conflict Resolution, Democratization, Development, Economics, Environment, Gender, Land Issues, Natural Resources
Curriculum Development, Evaluation, Monitoring, Research, Qualitative Skills, Quantitative Skills, Training
GTZ, European Union, DFID, United Nations, World Bank
development economics, politics of development, political economy, governance, conflict, gender, M&E, migration, climate change, local institutions, research methodology,

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