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As senior adviser for the UN, Common Space Initiative (CSI), FELM and Peace Appeal Foundation (PAF) in the Middle East and Asia, Siebert is providing technical and facilitation support to national dialogues and peace structures, and to political reform processes. He has worked in many of the world’s most conflict-ridden societies. In South Africa he served in the National Peace Secretariat, the multi-party body mandated to implement its 1992 Peace Accord. Post-1994 he assisted the Special Presidential Task Force in key conflicts, focusing on de-militarization of youth militia.

In Sri Lanka Hannes advised the country’s peace secretariats and facilitated the confidential dialogue forum (One-Text); in Nepal he co-facilitated and contributed to the drafting of key agreements, co-facilitated talks between the Nepal Army and the Maoist Army, supported the establishment of the multi-party dialogue process (NTTP), and advised the Peace Ministry; in the USA he facilitated talks between Arab and Israeli think tanks; in the Balkans he worked on the Stability Pact's reconciliation initiatives; in Cyprus he supported leaders from both Cypriot communities in the development of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum; in Burma/Myanmar he assists stakeholders in the development of a "Political Dialogue Framework" and a "Union Conference"; and in Beirut he supports the Lebanese National Dialogue, CSI, the MENA Platform and Syria Initiative.

With 5 Nobel Peace Laureates, he initiated the establishment of the PAF in support of their “Appeal for Peace and Non-Violence” (2000-2010); and in 2003 and 2013 he assisted the developed of "Peace Tools" and the "Peace and Dialogue Platform" respectively.

South Africa
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South Africa, USA, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Yemen, Palestine, Burma.
Lebanon and Burma
Senior Adviser and Facilitator;
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Conflict Resolution, Dialogue, Facilitation, Interfaith, Media, Peacebuilding , Social Entreprenuership
Advocacy, Communication, Curriculum Development, Fundraising, Information Technology
MFA's and Governments of Germany, USA, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Lebanon.
National Dialogues, Common Spaces and Change Processes; multidisciplinary conflict assessment and process design.
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