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I have worked in human rights, media and now peacebuilding operations in Liberia, a country that is recovering from 14 years of civil war. These are my primary motivations for wanting to link up with an organization that seeks to spread information so useful to this community of persons.

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I am currently in Liberia and am reading on various conflict situations in West Africa and Africa more generally. I have come to peacebuilding via the media but am an accountant.
Republic of Liberia
I am an administrative assistant
Civil Society, Conflict Resolution, Democratization, Human Rights, Media
Communication, Evaluation, Fundraising, Monitoring, Program Administration, Program Implemenation, Research
Participatory Action Research
I have only been a part of the organization in producing the recently released report on the Root Causes and Actors in the Violent Conflicts in Nimba County, Liberia

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