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Éric BLANCHOT is graduate in History (Panthéon-Sorbonnes) and in Islamic Studies. Graduate mediator of the Psychology Institute of the University of Paris V-Descartes, he is responsible for classes on Business Communication within the University Dauphine since 2002. Member of the IRENE (Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe), he is currently involved in the training programme of the ILCCE (Initiative for the Cooperative Leadership and the State Cohesion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo), a project run by Ambassador Wolpe (Woodrow Wilson Center) aspiring to complement the political transition. In addition, M. Blanchot is the author and director of documentary films and has worked on the retraining of the ex-service women of the Independence War in Eritrea. He has recently produced a movie on the methods of regulation related to the French social sphere. As a Lecturer, he is teaching at ENA (European School of Governance) since 2004 and in other French High-Schools (ESSEC, Ponts et Chaussée). Finally, he is involved in some private litigation as a negotiator.

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DRC (Congo), Erythrea, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Syria,
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Negociation Methode (see "le temps du débat" and "l'âge de la négociation")

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