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PCDN’s 2019 Career Series

The Future of Work is Here Now.

The Future of work has become almost a buzzword and while there has been a lot of reflection and discussion in the tech & manufacturing sectors we believe at PCDN the need to advance conversation in the social change field. The nature off work, the skills required and the ways to creatively advance change are rapidly changing today. Building on our exploration of the Future of Work in Social Change in 2018 for 2019 we will continue to explore cutting edge topics, feature leading experts and engage our community.

Our goal is to help you be prepared for the future of work and change today.

Join PCDN & our partners in this journey where we will do a deep dive to explore the emerging trends in the future of work and what this means for individuals and organizations in the social good field.

See below for the content for the year (we will be putting up content regularly).

Got a suggestion please get in contact with us.

Want to join in the conversation join the Social Change Career Helping Line.

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