PCDN Career Series

Building a career of impact, paying one’s bills and finding the support one needs to not burn out can be hard. Creating change in the world ain’t always easy. We know this from our own respective experience working more than 20 years in diverse social change sectors. Sometimes one’s path isn’t clear, at other times the work or the world’s problems may be too overwhelming.

Beginning in 2017, we started a yearly career series to provide key guidance on how to advance a career of change. Building on our own experience and drawing in many leading social sector organizations and individuals from round the world, we have helped many people navigate the path to impact. Each year we have held a number of webinars with leading experts and wrote key blog posts on key topics related to advancing a career in change. 

  • In 2017 we focused on the nuts and bolts of building a career in change. We covered everything from resumes, to networking, to whether to pursue grad school, salary negotiations and much more. We produced (in partnership with a wonderful group of leading social sector organizations and individuals) almost 50 blog post, 10+ webinars and more. The content is truly amazing. Click here or below to see more.
  • Beginning in 2018 we started to explore how the Future of work is impacting Social Change Careers.
  • In 2019, we will continue to help prepare our community with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the Future of Work (it is here now). 





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