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If you attended a great university chances are you benefited from great career counseling.  But not everyone has access to world-class career mentoring. Access to information, access to opportunities and access to guidance is basically why PCDN exists. We believe that no matter where you live, or where you are studying you should have access to all the tools available to build and advance your career of impact.

We love to help you because of your commitment to change. Helping the world is a tough business.  So let us help you so you continue your mission.

For many of you PCDN provides a lot of the information you need to continue building your career.  However, what if you are in need of a more personalized experience?

What if your school never offered a career counseling and you don’t know where to begin? 

What if you are in a different field and have no idea how to enter the social change scene but can stomach another day in your passion-less job?

Think of us as the Career Center for the world of social change and we are here to help you.

PCDN career coaching is designed for those who want to get personalized attention and tailored answers to their career questions.


This is how it works:

We have these packages too:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this career coaching for any professional interested?

Nope.  This is EXCLUSIVELY for social change professionals/students.  Sorry, we can’t help those interested in fashion design, banking or public relations.  Now.  If you have 10 years of experience in radio or as a surgeon and you are dreaming of opening a start-up that is solving a social problem, we can help translate your experience to the social change sector. Or if you want to use your communication skills for social impact or build a career in financial innovation we are the place to be.

What if I don’t find ANY OF THE TOPICS suggested interested.

Doesn’t matter.  These topics are a sample of what we can help you with, tell us what you need help with and we will let you know if we can help you (we wont take your money unless we know we can actually help you).

I’m NOT from the U.S. of Europe, can you help?

If you live on planet earth and your work is about changing the world in some capacity we are pretty sure we can guide you and succeed in your mission.  For now we are NOT accepting application from extra-terrestrial beings.

Why is this service NOT free?

From our Career Series, to the Career Helping Line, to our Resource Guides on all aspects of building a career in change PCDN offers a huge amount of original and amazing content which is free for all members. While we love helping as many people as possible, there are not hours in the day available to help everyone one-on-one.  We devote most of our time producing free and original content.  A few hours of the day are allocated for one-on-one coaching which we need to charge.  Also, we need to eat & pay the bills too.

Will you guarantee me a job?

Sadly, no. We wish we can, but no one can.  What we can promise is that you will walk away with an amazing resume, a clear career path, with plenty of tools to navigate and conquer the social change field. Be careful of promises that are not realistic.  You will have to do a ton of work, but we know our stuff and your small investment will pay up big time once you land the job.

Who will be the career coaches?

Great question. We have over 40+ combined decades of experience in the social change scene.  From working in world class universities for over a decade, to founding NGOs, to getting jobs, scholarships, quitting jobs, starting social enterprises, becoming digital nomads, completing PhDs.  We know, we are, we breathe social change.


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What are your prices?

You can hire us for 30 minutes ( $70 USD) or for 60 minutes ( $130 USD).  We have “themes” to make the best use of your time and hours. You probably will need more than one session, after all, your life trajectory is longer than 30 minutes.  We recommend you consider the bundles.


Contact PCDN info(at)pcdnetwork.org with questions and/or to book your session!



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