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PCDN’s 2018 Career Series

Are you ready for The Future of Work?

The Future of work has become almost a buzzword and while there has been a lot of reflection and discussion in the tech & manufacturing sectors we believe at PCDN the need to start a conversation in the social change field.  Therefore,  PCDN is dedicating its 2018 Career Series to explore The Future of Work. 

The 2017 Career Series was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to build partnerships and elevate the voice of influencers from around the world.  This year we hope to reach even more people and continue our model of co-creating and sharing amazing content.  Our goals are the same to provide the tools, guidance and resources for individuals seeking to build a high impact social change career.

Join PCDN & our partners in this journey where we will do a deep dive to explore the emerging trends in the future of work and what this means for individuals and organizations in the social good field. See below for the content for the year (we will be putting up content each month)














We will explore questions including (and many more):

  • How will automation affect the social change sector? What jobs are likely to disappear, endure and what new ones will emerge?
  • Will social change work become uberfied & automated? Is stable employment with benefits disappearing?
  • Who might be left out in the future of work in social change and how can we develop more inclusive policies?
  • What skills does one need to stay competitive in the future of work?
  • What are the fads and what the trends likely to endure?
  • What is the future of learning in the future of work?

We will have an entire year filled with amazing content including monthly blogs, quarterly webinars, regular Facebook Lives and much more.


How to Participate

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