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  • Rais Neza Boneza posted an update in the group Group logo of Transcend: Art and Peace Network (T:AP)Transcend: Art and Peace Network (T:AP) 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hullo T:appers

    Just to remind you on updating our new website . I hope that we will work together to grow our peace and art footprint globally through our illustrations and articles. Each of us can participate by submitting article or sharing their work.

    I invite you to send to your profile (Short presentation) to be included to our page members . You are welcome also to give your input to develop our platform. We have the possibility of creating different forum within the website where we can discuss or create different projects for our members. Reports of actions and events are important to our solidarity and growth.

    Technically, we will be synchronizing the different social tool in our disposal to easy our exchange but also to disseminate our messages and work.

    Our different social tools accounts are:

    Twitter: @art_transcend
    – Facebook group: @transcendart
    – Facebook page: @transcendartpeace

    You are welcome to follow and subscribe to them

    Imagine the potential within the arts: literature, cinema, fine arts, performing arts etc…to stimulate our creativity, peace, non-violence and create a deep connection between humans, in harmony with the environment. Our challenge is to develop ways to handle conflicts with creativity, non-violence, empathy and to strive for a world of more healing and solidarity.

    We would be publishing T: AP members’ contributions . The work of essay, articles, poetry presented will contribute to our philosophy to spike our understanding of a culture of peace.

    The new Director 😉

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