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Foundation Deegaan

Foundation Deegaan's gallery/Wall photo Gallery
  • By giving information, help and support to Somali refugees in the Netherlands in finding their way in Dutch society

  • fundraise for hospital adaado in Somalia.

  • Female circumcision
    Women are still circumcised in Somalia and this has consequences for the health of the women and can lead to serious complications. To combat the problem of female circumcision, Foundation deegaan provides information and awareness to women in Somalia and also in the Netherlands. we give a training youth groups in Nederland…[Read more]

  • we assist in this project 100 affected families by providing food, for one month and other basic needs by the affected people in the area of operation

  • Conference on Somali Diaspora by
    Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed Abubakar.
    The meeting was to give information about the situation in Somalia and promoting Diaspora’s role in contributing to social development in Somalia.

  • Somalia are suffering a severe crisis of drinking water as most of the population in villages.
    Based on this the Foundation deegaan has given great attention in this area to bring clean drinking water to tens of thousands of these thirsty and their livestock. In 2015 Foundation deegaan helped the local population of laan weyn and bowda dhogore…[Read more]

  • We partner with 5 primary schools and the high school they progress to in Mogadishu and Galmudug state.This collaboration involves about 1800 students and 75 teachers. We facilitate weekly creative youth and teacher empowerment workshops, to help them develop enthusiasm and confidence in their education and vision for their personal future.…[Read more]

  • The civil war in Somalia was officially over but real peace in this country has been not achieved. Foundation deegaan is committed to helping the local population to make peace with each other. Foundation deegaan has established peace committees, made up of people from the local communities. These ensure peace-building and conflict mediation.

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