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Our business model is to allow all changemakers to benefit from and participate in PCDN.  From the student finishing his or her bachelor’s and looking for the right grad school in the US; to the non-profit professional in Delhi; or the professor in London, not all members can afford to pay.  However, we strongly encourage you to make an annual payment in support of our work at the level that you can. 

For those who cannot pay we do offer a free membership option (the curious level). We also offer yearly organizational memberships that provide a special set of benefits. Please contact us info(at) for more info.

Please note PCDN is a limited liability corporation and thus payments are not tax-deductible.

The membership levels (membership is for a one year period) are as follows:


How can I tell when my membership expires? Membership is for 12 months. Prior to the expiration of your membership term, you will receive an email notifying you that it is time to renew your subscription.  Your membership expiration date can also view-able in the member dashboard. Or if your membership expires when you login again you will be asked to choose to a membership level.

How do I make a Payment?

There are two ways to make a payment. The first is via your membership page. The second is via the donate button on the right hand side of the page. For more on the payment process see the Payment FAQ Page

I have already made a payment, but my membership isn’t active? If you have any problems please contact us at info(at)


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