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Digital Marketing Volunteer for Innovative Crowdfunding Campaign

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  • Dec 2, 2018

Website In Process Tobby Vision Computers Institute

Training with practical technological skills and improving lives

In August and September 2017 we started a strategic transformation project. The aim was to define the future of the organization and take specific action toward achieving these goals.

The start was a series of strategy development workshops in August and September 2017 facilitated by Olaf Seidel from A&O Business Enablement. We set a common ground by obtaining a holistic organizational overview and developing a joined vision of the mid to long-term future of the institute. We identified various areas in which we would like to further professionalize and grow to be able to teach and train more students in more subjects. The to-be developed departments are Agriculture, Woodworks, Automobile-Repairs, Fashion Design and Clothing.

The strategy phase was followed by the design of implementation-projects, business planning, and preparation for investor presentations. Here it was important to adjust our approach in consideration with the political and socio-economic factors specific to the Northwest Region of Cameroon. We designed a step by step approach with a 3-fold finance plan to cater for our specific situation. We are very proud to having completed these first steps.

“The seed is planted and we are getting ready to take the next step to make it grow to a healthy and strong plant.”

Now we’re seeking the support of a volunteer with experience in fundraising and crowdfunding extend our support network and implement the projects step by step.

If you are interested in getting involved in terms of fundraising we would love to hear from you.


1. Raise funds to build a new campus to support 500+ children to:

  • train in entrepreneurship and enterprise skills; Forming youth, Microcredit soft loans, Computer training, Internet services, Enterprise education, Small home, and big scale agricultural activities, Manufacturing products for export but also local/national consumption
  • run vocational skills trainings in different departments namely; Administrative Assistants, Graphic & Web Designers, Computerised Accounting, Computer Maintenance and Repairs, Computer Programming, Entrepreneurship & ICTs)
  • promote community development
  • create a library
  • build a youth sport centre and to run sport activities
  • construct recreation and business centre; Cafeteria, Shops, Sport centre, Information centre i.e. cultural heritage and tourist promotion services
  • provide credit to those engaged in small scale business; Café service, Shop trading, Sport centre, Information centre, Small agricultural activities and vocational training activities
  • improve the capacity of community and local associations

To Apply:
Send a cover letter and CV to no later than 2nd December, 2018. Email should have the subject line: Digital Marketing Volunteer

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