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The PeaceHub is seeking short and long term volunteers, Medellin, Colombia

Website The Peace Hub

MasterPeace Global Bootcamp

We are ThePeaceHub, a local peace initiative that focuses on supporting social
enterprises because we have personally experienced how art, music and dance have
transformed formerly violent neighbourhoods in Medellin.

We are looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals who can help us transform local
projects in the creative sector of Medellin into economically sustainable social

In order to support local neighbourhoods and the international community we are looking for both short term and long term volunteers.

The short term volunteers do not need to have any experience in a particular field and
fluency in the Spanish language is a pre, but is not required. These volunteers would
help us organise the 7th annual “MasterPeace Global Bootcamp in the beginning of
October. In this bootcamp 45 global peace leaders will participate in workshops to
improve their skills in leadership, peace building, community work and social
entrepreneurship. After this bootcamp is finished we are organising other events that
promote these values and work towards a more peaceful society. Volunteers who could
help during the bootcamp receive free food, can participate in workshops and get to
meet many inspiring people.

Long term voluntary positions are more similar to internships and these interns will help
to compose a team that provides economic advice to local initiatives in the creative
sector, because this sector is extremely important to transform formerly violent
neighbourhoods in Medellin. It would be very helpful if these volunteers have any
experience with marketing, fundraising, event managing, translating or photography.
Conversational knowledge of Spanish is required for most positions because there will be
a lot of interaction with locals. We are an officially registered NGO so if you need
approval for certain academic purposes, we can provide this.

Please send your application (with a CV and short cover letter). Please cite PCDN as the source of the posting in your application. 


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