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Brand and Marketing Consultant +Peace

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  • Jul 28, 2019

Website +Peace

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+Peace is a coalition of the world’s leading peacebuilding organizations mobilizing people, governments, and the private sector to tackle global violence and division. In 2018, +Peace led the campaign to put peacebuilding in the world’s English-language dictionaries. Housed at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, +Peace is now building out its membership base, refining its governance model, and preparing to launch its multi-year campaign platform. There are currently 20 members with partners in 85 countries as well as several institutional allies and partners. The Steering Board is led by the Alliance for Peacebuilding, American Friends Service Committee, Generations for Peace, GPPAC Foundation, and Search for Common Ground.

+Peace seeks a brand and marketing firm or freelance consultant to work with the Coalition Director and its Branding & Communications Working Group to design its identity system, including a brand guidelines manual and core branding document and collateral templates.

About +Peace


+Peace has a broad scope of audiences: mobilizing “people, governments, and the private sector” to tackle global levels of violence and division. We seek to inspire “ordinary” people, helping them see, access, and support effective, nonviolent solutions to today’s challenges of division, polarization, violence, and war. We work with governments – including city and municipal officials, national elected and civil officers, and international donor and diplomatic staff – to replace ineffective policies with effective ones. And we work with the private sector, working to make contributions to peace as critical of a private sector priority as environmental sustainability or diversity, equity, and inclusion. While we are a truly global coalition with partners in over 85 countries, our initial geo-targeted priority countries for our core campaigns currently include the USA, Colombia, DRC, and all European Union countries.

Value proposition

The world is struggling to effectively manage violent conflict. Right now, the world is experiencing a 30-year high in violent conflict. Battle deaths worldwide have increased by 340% over the last 10 years. Nearly 70 million people remain displaced, 90% of whom are fleeing violence, war, and persecution. The conflict management systems built to maintain peace and security after World War II are struggling to manage contemporary modes of conflict. Despite the $14.3T that goes into violence containment annually, violence and violent conflict continue to shock humanity, constrain healthy economic growth, and erode global social cohesion.

+Peace is coming together to tackle these challenge head on, elevating practical and moral solutions to reverse these trends and put humanity back on track to be able to solve its toughest challenges ahead – climate change mitigation, inequity, and more. Our coalition includes Nobel Peace Prize Laurates, lead mediation teams working to end the wars in Yemen and Syria, academics and researchers, and frontline peacebuilders in over 85 countries. We seek to elevate public visibility of peacebuilders and solutions of what works, inspire public support for peacebuilding, and cultivate a movement that will demand systemic change.

Brand Personality

We seek for the +Peace brand to be rooted in three key defining characteristics:

  1. Hopeful. We dream of a future in which the world overcomes violent conflict. See also: positive, optimistic, forward-looking.
  2. Pragmatic. We promote ideas that work. See also: effective, solutions-oriented.
  3. Undeterred. Faced with a violent world, we are determined to build peace. See also: determined, empowered, calm-but-strong.

Brand Values

+Peace ascribes to five core values:

  1. Freedom. We believe that every person should be free from violent conflict, instability, and fear.
  2. Intersectionality. We believe that all identities have dignity and that we achieve the most when we reach across differences.
  3. Intergenerational. We believe that all generations are needed to ensure sustainable peace.
  4. Nonviolent power. We know that people can build peace without using violence.
  5. Innovation. We believe that today’s crisis of violence requires new citizen-led solutions to change aptitudes, behavior, policy, and actions at scale.

Summary of Request 

+Peace will be formally launching to the public on September 21, 2019, on the International Day of Peace. +Peace has developed its, logo, and mission statement and seeks for a brand and marketing firm or freelance consultant to design our identity system, including:

  • Brand guidelines manual, including:
    • Outlining our already defined vision, values, descriptions
    • Guidelines on tone of voice;
    • Primary and secondary fonts (recommending both free and for-purchase options for +Peace’s selection);
    • Guidelines on logo use (proper and improper use);
    • A color palette system (with color references);
    • Additional visual elements or icons to be part of the branding system and the following applications of the brand to be determined;
  • Core branding document and collateral templates:
    • Short report
    • Long form report
    • Powerpoint presentation template, and core introductory pitch deck
    • Email header
    • Business card template
    • Letterhead
    • Email signature
    • Flyer
    • Invitation template for events
    • Roll up banner(s)
    • T-shirt(s)
    • Sticker(s)
    • Campaign poster(s)

Request for Proposals

Proposals should not exceed $10,000. We seek project completion as soon as possible, with a hard deadline of 15th August 2019. To bid for this consultancy, please send a CV or firm overview, a pitch deck proposal, budget outline, expected time table, and a link to your portfolio.


To bid for this project, please send these items to humanresources@allianceforpeacebuilding.org. Bids will be considered on a rolling basis until filled.


Please direct any questions to Madeline Rose, Director, +Peace Coalition, at: madeline@allianceforpeacebuilding.org.

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