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Leadership Development Program, LeadIN, DC

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LeadIN enables people to become the leaders they can be

LeadIN Core is a community program that brings together professionals of diverse fields, backgrounds, and experiences to learn and mold their unique leadership. Each group is intentionally kept small (between 8 and 12 individuals) to create an intimate and interactive learning environment.

The program starts with a team building event that helps the cohort bond and establish goals and expectations, and is followed by eight weekly Learning Circles. (A learning circle is a highly interactive, participatory structure for collaborative work.) Throughout the eight weeks, participants discover their unique strengths and work toward a personal leadership goal. During each Learning Circle they engage in open dialogue and collective inquiry to deepen their understanding of core leadership principles and identify useful practices that can strengthen their leadership. Between Learning Circles, they apply what they learned by integrating these practices into their daily work.

Throughout LeadIN Core, participants grow their leadership by:

  • Discovering their natural strengths and developing a strengths-based mindset
  • Identifying and working toward a leadership goal
  • Integrating new practices and habits into their lives

To apply for the 7th cohort, please follow the link below. Note: the program takes place in downtown Washington, DC and is only available for people who live in the Washington, DC metro area. Please cite PCDNetwork as the source of the posting in your application.

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Upeace fall 2017
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