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Campaign Bootcamp Head of Operational Support – London

  • Temporary
  • London
  • May 21, 2018

Campaign Bootcamp

Contract type: Fixed term 12 months
Starting: Summer 2018
Days per week: 3-5 days a week
Location: East London office, with some flexible working
Pay: £36,980 – £41,840, depending on experience (inclusive of London weighting)
Reporting to: Executive Director.
Application deadline: 9am Monday 21st May

We have a clear strategy and plan, built with hope and determination. Our hope comes from all we’ve done since we set up Campaign Bootcamp in 2013. We’ve spent that time working out how to build training programmes which support anyone to challenge the powerful. We’ve now trained over 400 people and seen them make change happen by persuading governments and corporations to change their behaviour and policies.

Our determination comes from a realisation that there is so much more to do. Our democracies are in poor health. Today it’s far too easy for the powerful to get their voice heard at the expense of everyone else. This is a big problem because it contributes to governments and corporations making poor decisions.

Our plan is to expand our working significantly, but with a clear focus on the quality and impact of delivery through our two training programmes: Everyday Activism and Campaign Bootcamp Accelerator, both in the UK and internationally.

Our plans are ambitious because our primary problem is that we have to turn away too many people. While we can now train over 400 people a year, we have to reject twice that number, because we don’t have the capacity to train them. Our plan will put that right by scaling our programmes so that we can train at least 2,000 people a year. Expanding our Everyday Activism programme, from training 400 people a year in one region, to training at least 1,700 people a year across 4 regions. And replicating our Campaign Bootcamp Accelerator beyond the UK and Germany, to be in at least four countries by 2020.

Overview of the Role
We are seeking a Head of Operational Support to take what we have started, drive, improve and expand on it. You will need to ensure that we build a platform that meets our ambitions for the future, in the UK and internationally, supporting and enabling our teams who directly deliver the training programmes and support activists on the ground.

You will be responsible for ensuring effective delivery in the following areas, through your own capacity, capability and expertise, tapping into those of the other members of the organisation, hiring others, and often managing external pro bono or paid-for expert relationships:
– HR including employee relations, compliance, recruitment, support
– Technology (internal IT and external communications), systems and data
– Legal & compliance, for example policies such as safeguarding, whistleblowing and procurement
– Office management including insurances and health and safety
– Company secretary and other governance support

You will need to be a highly collaborative individual, who will work with other Heads of Departments and team members effectively and efficiently to have impact. You will need to hold the values and principles of Campaign Bootcamp, and champion ways of working that promote the charity, and challenging inconsistencies or threats to that.

There are a number of principles that are fundamental to the mission and approach of Campaign Bootcamp, which have been important in defining this role:
– Fairness, openness and decency: as the Head of Department with accountability for HR support, guidance and policies, demonstrating fairness, openness and decency in decision-making is critical;
– Ensuring sure our actions are helping to close the democracy gap: we want to be imaginative and robust in how we recruit and support people within the organisation to ensure that we are doing what we can to fight discrimination and be aware of power dynamics, we want to support to speak-out when its needed and be willing to turn things on their head;
– Balancing process and pragmatism: as a small, but ambitious, organisation, we know that we have to make trade-offs about what to prioritise. We need to mitigate and minimise risks where we can, building a strong platform for the future, but we also don’t need to bureaucracy and process of a much larger operation. Defining this balance will be a crucial part of the role;
– Supporting a learning approach and encouraging innovation: we need to be nimble and quick to try new things, but also quick to understand if they are successful or not. We need to encourage rather than stifle innovation, while also ensuring we are prudent and having maximum impact with our funds. Ensuring we have the robust technology systems and processes to understand our impact.
– Passion for our purpose: while we believe that it is not crucial to have experience within any particular sector, it is important that every member of our senior team has a passion, and optimism, for our mission and ways of working; and

Key Accountabilities

– As part of the senior management team, collaboratively leading the organisation, taking co-responsibility for strategy, governance, culture, growth and reputation
– Building a team of individuals in the UK and internationally who are well-motivated, productive, work in a way that promotes the values of the organisation and are enabled to have impact in their roles
– Developing external relationships which are of benefit to the charity, encompassing pro-bono and paid-for suppliers, potential partners and funders
– Driving the continuous improvement of the way that the charity operates, balancing a fine line between process and pragmatism, and working with the organisation’s growth plan and international strategy in mind
– Working with the leadership team to deliver upon the requests of funders both in terms of impact and in terms of reporting back and providing assurance
– Act as a strong role-model for the principles and values of the organisation and tackling areas of inconsistency and promoting areas of strong practice

– Develop and support an internal culture that is consistent with the purpose that we hold and beliefs that we promote externally, supported by a deeper understanding of key issues for all members of the team, for example through hosting debates, training and development opportunities
– Developing and ensuring all HR and related people policies and procedures are appropriate, compliant and evidence fairness and values
– Build a model of management and support that fits with future international expansion, understanding and recommending appropriate arrangements to the board
– Providing HR advice and mentoring of line managers in the organisation, either through providing it directly or procuring the support needed efficiently; providing formal HR support and informal guidance and advice across all teams
– Ensuring effective recruitment processes are adopted to bring the best talent into the organisation, while looking hard for voices which are currently under-represented in the organisation
– Overseeing all staff training, mentoring and coaching, ensuring effectiveness, appropriateness and value for money

Technology, Systems & Data:
– Leading the continued roll-out and improvement of cloud-provided IT solutions, including, but not limited to Salesforce CRM and G-suite applications, in a way that works effectively for the UK but is also appropriate for our international expansion
– Ensuring that IT provision is complaint with all relevant standards and requirements including surrounding data protection
– With an awareness of future needs, building and enhancing systems to enable the future multi-geography growth of the business, working closely with colleagues such as the Head of Finance
– Ensuring key external communication platforms (e.g., website) are supported, secure and well-maintained and integrated with supporting platforms as required
– Ensuring that systems are built with data storage and future analytics in mind to enable learning about quality and impact, amongst other things
– Supporting an agenda of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement through provision of data and analytical support
– Acting as the Data Protection Officer, and any other key data and compliance leads, on behalf of the organisation

Legal & Compliance:
– Building an approach to managing all legal arrangements (including but not limited to company structures, trademarks, intellectual property etc) effectively as we expand the organisation into multiple countries, protecting the organisation from risk and enabling its growth
– Managing a strong and positive relationship with external legal advisers, ensuring good-will and positive pro bono support as far as possible
– Holding the responsibility for key organisational policies, filling in any gaps in a sensible and prioritised way, and ensuring that they are well communicated internally and adherence is checked where important
– Ensure that all processes and procedures in areas of key organisational risk, for example safeguarding, procurement and whistleblowing, are rigorous, well-documented and communicated and are appropriate for international work as well

Office Management and Insurances:
– Managing relationship with any and all landlords, holding the responsibility for any lease negotiations and future property searches
– Managing the provision of storage and archiving for paper records as needed
– Identifying the insurances needed and managing all insurance policies and renewals to ensure the right cover is maintained at an appropriate cost
– Acting as the Health and Safety lead for the organisation, ensuring effective processes and policies are adopted, and the right arrangements are in place for staff, contractors, volunteers and others

Company Secretary & Governance Support:
– Adopting the role of Company Secretary, and ensuring effective delivery of key governance requirements, and supporting the Trustee Board to manage key areas effectively, for example Conflicts of Interest and Loyalty
– Ensuring a smooth running Board and Committee process, including provision of meeting support, agendas
– Supporting the Board with future recruitment and succession planning
– Supporting the Board to understand its obligations both in the UK and internationally, with the support of the appropriate external guidance and advice
– Supporting the Trustee Board with the provision of timely information, data, proposals and reports to enable effective decision-making
– Overseeing particular areas of organisational improvement or risk on behalf of the Trustees, as delegated by the Board

Supporting growth and sustainability internationally:
– Building a plan to scale the support services of the business internationally, in line with the plan to 2020. Working closely with the Executive Director to anticipate risks, issues and opportunities, and build a sustainable and effective model for the charity
– Look for new ways of organising that help to support the organisation’s sustainability and impact – for example saving time, money and frustration by defining and implementing smoother ways of working both in the UK and across geographies
– Ensuring effective ways of working operate between the various parts of the organisation, particularly when it comes to grant management and funder relationships
– Developing an approach to enabling experimentation and innovation, in part through ensuring that established programmes and practices are smooth running
– Providing programmatic expertise and project management as needed across the organisation

Skills, Knowledge, Expertise

– Operating as a strategic contributor, and implementing strategies
– Leading cultural and operational change
– Building and leading teams at all levels of an organisation

– Particular qualification or expertise in at least one of the key functional areas of the role
– Demonstrating understanding or how an HR / People functional can support strategy, culture and delivery
– Demonstrating understanding of how technology is and will be critical to the organisation’s future delivery
– Experience of managing complex projects
– Experience of managing major supplier contracts, preferable including pro bono relationships

To apply, please fill out this form and submit a CV. The deadline to apply is 9am Monday 21st May. If you have questions, please email Johnny Chatterton, Executive Director, on

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