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    Just wanted to share a resource for anyone struggling with difficult topics of conversation, whether it be personal, professional, political or other. This workbook is designed for individual use, but can be a great supplement to a communications course, conflict transformation/analysis training, coaching, mentoring etc. If you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to reach out.


    Do you ever wish you could take a pill to get through conversations that you know are going to be just awful? Something that would just help you get out all the right words at the right time?

    Unfortunately, that pill doesn’t exist, but Marianne Perez de Fransius, Founder of Peace is Sexy, has come up with the next best thing: a step-by-step methodology to help you get ready for a conversation, carry you through and then review it. She’s put it all in her new workbook “Participate in Dreaded Conversations with Ease.” It basically boils down to preparing for a dreaded conversation the way you would prepare for an interview:
    – Learn from past conversations
    – Figure out your goals and strategies
    – Know your triggers
    – Set your opening move and exit strategy

    The “Participate in Dreaded Conversations with Ease” workbook is practical, thorough and well-written. Marianne gives you case studies from personal and professional examples and worksheets that you can fill out directly in the workbook and use over and over again for all your dreaded conversations.

    Available at:



    Chre Parnell

    What a great take on tackling difficult conversations!  I tend to avoid, although there are some people I feel I can discuss topics with “safely” and I have ways to navigate if I am not quite sure. But, for the most part I don’t seek out the opportunity.  Something like this makes me want to re-think.  Thanks for sharing!

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