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What is the one thing PCDN can do to increase member engagement? We need your input, Please take a minute to respond

Home Forums Feedback on the Network and General Updates What is the one thing PCDN can do to increase member engagement? We need your input, Please take a minute to respond

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    Craig Zelizer

    Dear Colleagues

    As you likely know we will be launching a 100% an entirely new PCDN 3.0 site by end of 2015 that will have many features, be more visually engaging, have a new email system and much more.

    Our goal is to provide an amazing platform that helps thousands around the world, to be the go to hub for the global changemaking community and to continually grow and improve.

    We want to ensure our members are engaged in the platform and would like everyone to take one minute to add your thought by completing the following sentence:

    The one thing PCDN could to do to improve member engagement is _______________________ (put your comment by hitting reply)

    Please add your ideas, suggestions, comments, whether it is have more events, groups, or out of the box thinking by hitting reply and put a word, sentence or whatever you would like to suggest.  What could PCDN to better support and engage members?

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    One Idea I have is to have more online and offline events. What are other ideas you have?


    For MANY, this may be a great resource, it appears to be a voluminous stream of one-way postings from Craig Zelizer .

    I have experience in providing that kind of (presumed) resource; it seems NOT to cultivate target audience ‘engagement’ (for many of those who thought they were giving out to others).

    Is there no evidence-based model for online engagement?

    Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society may be a place to look (Craig Zelizer could appeal to them to STUDY the PCDN in terms of engagement issues).


    I think it would be useful to find a way to streamline communications so that people can choose which type of content they can see. You may end up getting many more subscribers because I fear people unsubscribe just because of the sheer volume of communications that go out, which represent such a broad range of topics.


    Sometimes while working on projects, I need valuable feedback about an idea or need advice from someone who has gone down the path before me and I can’t find resources or local person through google or calling around…if there was a way to post my question and others could respond and vice versa…in an easy to read way and having similar topics grouped together so there would be an up to date library…I would use this very much!


    Some ideas:

    Latin America.- I believe you should broaden the networking opportunities, activities and member engagement, taking more into account the latin american world, that has a lot of both: great expertisse amongst their professionals to offer and to share, and a great demand of peacebulding activities and experts.

    Map the geographical location, workingplace or nationality of PCDN´s members. Maybe this could help to ease a closer sharing experience between the members and jumpstart more collaboration initiatives.

    Develop a more specific profile of the members, maybe by filtering their interests, field of work or other criteria. This could help to have a more tailor-made e-mailing system according to the members´ needs.

    I hope this can be useful for the PCDN Platform 2.0! 


    Profile photo of

    I think one of the ways can be to have a forum where people share their “Experiences” in the field on projects. PCDN should promote these Experiences so that others in similar fields can connect more with PCDN and be encouraged to share their experiences as well. 

    I like Kiza’s suggestion as well, around having a question and answer page (more like a version of Quora).

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks for the suggestion. We do try to distribute information and opportunities on what we think will be of interest to our members.  We are working hard in our new site to increase user engagement through inviting more people to blog, post opportunities/resources/questions, to have online and offline events and increase more interactive opportunities. We also do think constantly about how do this better, talk with many peers in the field, and also how to improve, and always welcome suggestions.

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks. Our new site should have improved email functions (including we hope good digest system). In the future we hope to make the system even stronger and have some type of customization options, but this is still a while off.

    On our current platform the system hasn’t provided functionality to have a digest at all, but the new system there should be much greater opportunities.

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks. We also hope to have a much more robust group system that members can also start their own subgroups. Keep the ideas coming, pelase

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks, we want to work more on this and even have the PCDN community provide crowdsourcing suggestions for questions that arise from the membership as well as continue to add new resource guides.

    Profile photo of dua shah
    dua shah

    This is a great helpful resource for us, I am registered on this site since long time when i was engaged in research and study of peace building as a student.  Overall security measures are perfect but that would be more helpful if someone who facing any kind of  security violation or threats, they can approach to the committee immediately and directly to explain their circumstances and situation to prevent themselves.  

    looking forward to see more productive modification and additions. 



    It is great as it is…so please keep it simple…only suggestion I have is to put a simple option to add posts…advertise


    More events is a good idea. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the posts advertise Masters degree prorms or jobs for mid-later year professionals. Could PCDN encourage organizations to post a greater variety of jobs? 

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks we are working on our outreach to employers to have a greater diversity of postings

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)

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