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    Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact

    Use low-cost technology to gain high-quality data and insights from your customers

    Course Details

    • Price: FREE
    • Start Date: March 19, 2019
    • Time: 3 hours/week
    • Duration: 5 weeks
    • Partner: Acumen Lean Data Team

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Identify the shortcomings of the traditional “monitoring and evaluation” mindset
    • Understand Acumen’s Lean Data framework for impact measurement
    • Define the data collection opportunities in your customer journey
    • Create a streamlined survey to understand why your product, service or program is meaningful to customers
    • Identify an appropriate technology to rapidly collect data
    • Run a Lean Data sprint within your own company or organization
    • Practice presenting lean data along with insights and recommendations


    Data doesn’t have to be daunting, and learning how to collect new insights to make better decisions is the catalyst for creating change.

    In this course, you’ll learn Acumen’s Lean Data approach to measuring social impact, and discuss case studies from companies that have used Lean Data to gain new insights to refine their value proposition. Then you’ll select your own data collection tool, build a streamlined survey, and run a live demo with customers. This course is designed for social enterprises and non-profits who are in the early stages of building their impact strategy, and are looking for an agile, effective and low-cost way to better understand their customers and assess their social impact. It is not specifically designed for experienced monitoring and evaluation professionals – although they may find a range of useful tips and suggestions, especially with respect to remote surveying techniques such as phone calls and SMS.

    From survey templates used by Acumen to step-by-step guides on organizing data, you’ll end the course by building basic data dashboards and creating an action plan to run your own Lean Data sprint.


    • Team-Based Course: We strongly encourage (but do not require) that you take the course with a team of 2-8 people. We recommend working with friends or colleagues in person.
    • Platform: NovoEd (+Acumen developed the course. We host this course on the NovoEd platform.)
    • Timing: This course will be open for 5 weeks. You can work through the materials at your own pace while the course is open. There are suggested weekly deadlines to help you stay on track. The only firm deadline is the final day of the course.

    Course Syllabus

    What People Are Saying

    Emma Lalley, New Story’s Global Impact Manager

    “The course was incredibly helpful. It was also a great platform for meeting people from non-profits and social enterprises working on similar challenges.”

    Emma Lalley, New Story’s Global Impact Manager
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