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New Courses at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute

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    A Vision for a Shared Future

    The Summer Peacebuilding Institute runs in May and June every year, offering over 20 short-term, intensive courses for training or academic credit.  Courses are offered on a variety of topics including but not limited to trauma awareness, community organizing and engaging polarized communities, restorative justice, violent extremism, and a host of other topics. Click here for our full course list.

    Responding to the current political situation in the US and requests from many colleagues we have added several new courses to our schedule so communities and the people who work in/for them can gain the skills necessary to help resolve issues without needing to rely on the federal government. We have also asked instructors of current courses to place special emphasis on case studies from the United States in addition to other countries.

    The new courses are:
    •    Adaptive Action: Nonviolent Resistance for the 21st Century – because we cannot depend on the governing systems to address oppression, but we can do it ourselves
    •   Restorative Justice Organizing for Communities – because restorative justice principles, values, and practices can enrich and improve community organizing
    •    Engaging Polarized Communities for Shared Action – because we can agree that we share a place we all care about and we can agree to create a future together even when we disagree about some issues
    •    Tough Conversations: Turning Conflict into Connectedness – because hard conversations are a pathway to connection, and we can learn to host them
    •    Building Resilience in Body, Mind, and Spirit – because real change is a marathon not sprint, and we need to take care of ourselves
    •    Spotlight on Sexual Harms: Institutional Best Practices – because helping victims of sexual violence needs special training and institutional support

    In addition to the six new courses noted above, there are 17 more courses at SPI 2017. These courses focus on a variety of topics, included, but not limited to the following:

    •    Identity and Dignity – Understanding the positive and negative roles of identity and dignity can lead to a greater understanding of their transformative power over complex conflicts, violence, and trauma.
    •    Violent Extremism – Around the world and in the United States, rhetoric meant to divide people is increasing fear and tensions and actions people take. Learn responses that we can use both in our home communities and around the world.
    •    Globalization – The world is a complex and interconnected place. Policies and actions of one country affect the policies of many others. Come learn about the role individuals and communities have in transforming globalization into a force for durable global peace.
    •    Faith-Based Peacebuilding – The more we understand of different faiths and their peacebuilding traditions, the more we realize we have in common.
    •    Leadership and Project/program Management – Good leaders and organizations can work to create positive social change by addressing structures of inequalities in personnel, finances, and external networks.
    •    Social Media – Telling the story in a way that best enhances the impact in your community and the world. Practice creating visual/sound experiences that form the basis for community engagement and interaction.
    •    Conflict Coaching – Explore ways to support, challenge, and encourage key leaders faced with difficult decisions.
    •    Circle Processes – Learn the skills needed to bring all people involved in a specific act of violence or crime to respond in a way that helps the problem and the community.
    •    Development – Making resilience part of development work so that projects help the people they are meant to help.
    •     Peace Education – because how we teach our kids and community to reduce violence is important.

    Learn about these and all courses at the 2017 Summer Peacebuilding Institute by clicking here.

    Click here for an online application.

    For more information
    •    Visit
    ◦    See full course descriptions and instructor bios

    ◦    Apply online

    •    Call 540-432-4672
    •    Email:
    •    Twitter: #CJPSPI

    •    Visit our facebook page at

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