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Videos from the PCDN Facebook Live Career Series, how to build a high impact social change career

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    Craig Zelizer

    Below please find videos from the first eight weeks of our PCDN Facebook Live Summer Career Series. We are taking a break for the next few weeks and will start in mid-September with new engagement series. We want your feedback if you want more careers, social change topics, and what platform you would prefer (Facebook live, Twitter Chat, Webinar, podcast, etc.)  Please also send your questions about careers in change, suggestions and comments at info(at)


    1. Week  Got Experience? The catch-22 of the young professional How to get experience to get a job?

    2. Got Resume? Tip to get you noticed and hired. Watch our video from week 2 of our  PCDN Facebook live Career Series. Join us the next six weeks for more amazing topics on how to develop a high impact social change career

    3. Got Internship the good, the bad an4d ugly of internships

    4. Got a Network? Tips for building (and having fun in the process) your network. 80% of all jobs are filled through connections.

    5. Got to Pivot? Can’t stand your cubicle. Learn how to follow your passion and switch to a social impact career

    6. Got Grad – To PhD or Not PhD. Get the Real Scoop on Graduate Education

    7. Got Social Media


    8. Got Questions? Ask us almost anything about Careers in Change


    Upcoming Weeks and more Information

    facebook live

    Please help spread the word on our new career series
    Help with spreading the word to your networks by word of mouth or passing along by email.
    Help with spreading the word through social media.
    Sample Tweets:
    PCDN’s Summer Career Series, Get the Tools and Inspiration Needed to Build a High Impact Career

    Sample Linkedin/Facebook Post:
    PCDN’s Summer Career Series, Get the Tools and Inspiration Needed to Build a High Impact Career


    PCDN 3.0 is proud to invite you to join us this summer on its first Summer Career Series. Casual conversations (over your favorite screen) on how to gain experience, to how to polish and craft a hirable resume; to why build a network and how to use social media for (social) good.

    Join Dr. Craig Zelizer, one of the world’s leading experts on social change careers and other PCDN staff for its first ever Facebook live Summer Career Series every Thursday at 12:30pm EST.


    Don’t forget to bring your questions too!

     A Few Questions and Answers

    How long will each session be?

    The length will vary. But in general they will be 15-25 minutes long.

    Is there any cost to join a session?

    It is free of charge as part of our ongoing commitment to our community.

    Do I have to participate in all sessions?

    You can join in as many or a few sessions as you would like. You can also sign in or out of an individual session.

    What if I have a particular career question or topic?

    It is possible to post questions or comments during each Facebook video session (we cannot guarantee a response to all questions). If you would like to propose a question in advance and/or a new topic for our future series email us at info(at)


    What is best way to stay informed on PCDN’s amazing resources?

    The best way to stay in touch is by signing up to receive our Weekly #gotchange Newsletter filled with numerous professional opportunities, funding, events, blogs to help social change individuals and organizations. You don’t have to become a member to receive this newsletter or be part of the Facebook Live Series.


    Interested in becoming a PCDN member and receiving amazing daily updates? Click here.


    How to find the PCDN Summer Career Series?

    The series will be live-streamed on PCDN’s Facebook Page Go to the page the day of the event and you should see the event. To receive notifications of future broadcast follow these steps below:


    When you’re watching a live video or a video that was live, you can tap or click Subscribe to get notified the next time that Facebook account starts a live broadcast.

    Live Video Notifications

    To turn live video notifications on or off:

    1. Click at the top-right corner and select Settings
    2. Click Notifications on the left
    3. Click On Facebook
    4. Scroll down to Live Videos to make changes to live video notifications
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