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    The DO School

    The DO School is looking for 20 inspiring young entrepreneurs in the areas of technology, storytelling and audio, to join our fully funded one-year program.
    About The Do School
    The DO School is an award-winning social enterprise that believes good business is the best solution to the world’s biggest challenges. Partnering with visionary companies on problems that can’t be solved the usual way, the DO School curates entrepreneurial teams around diversity, expertise and passion for the topic, empowering talented individuals to turn their ideas into action. Working together, company and team innovate and implement high-impact solutions while honing the skills to build a better world.

    About The Future of Audio Challenge

    The Do School, Axel Springer and six major German Radio stations, have partnered to present, The Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge. We are currently looking for young thought leaders from around the world to come up with innovative and applicable solutions on this important topic.

    During the first 10 weeks of the program, the selected fellows will work together to develop and beta-test a new online format or platform that redefines audio entertainment in our age of information. The selected applicants have the unique opportunity to work together at “The Venue Berlin”. This co-working space, in the heart of Kreuzberg, allows the group to work alongside other creative entrepreneurs in corresponding industries.

    During the second phase of the program, the fellows will return to their home countries to launch their own venture with support from The DO School mentors and peers. We are looking for 20 inspiring young entrepreneurs who are either developing or have developed their ventures, and who are looking to make an impact on the world of audio entertainment.

    If you know of anyone who might be interested in this unique opportunity, below is the application link and websites with additional information.

    The first application deadline is 31.05.2017. If you need visa to enter Germany, we encourage you to follow this deadline.

    The next application deadline for people who do not need a Visa for Germany is 02.07. 2017. 

    To find out more about the Fellowship, click here: apply.thedoschool.org/enter/82

    Apply now here: apply.thedoschool.org/enter/86


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