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    Focusing on Individual and Collective Roles for Targeted Change

     20 – 23 December 2014, Nepal


    The Workshop


    This highly goal oriented roundtable discussion and training is designed for organisations and individuals involved in development efforts in South Asia and will help participants to examine the diverse aspects that influence economic development in their contexts.


    This event looks at both a theoretical and practical frameworks at exploring key issues around the economic constraints and opportunities in conflict and post-conflict contexts while helping participants to creatively look at initiatives and linkages they could enforce in their programming and policy making to minimise possible negative effects in their community based development endeavours.


    The roundtable cum training will enable participants to think through opportunities and look anew at ‘non-economic’ factors that can influence their initiatives for development and change. An important feature of this programme is brings development practitioners, private sector leaders and scholars to discuss and identify context-specific and viable alternatives for development and change in the South Asian contexts. Accompanied by strong facilitation and expert input, the programme will help participants to come up with new ideas that can help them to initiative individual and/or collective efforts that can be beneficial at different levels, local, national and regional, while being a change agent for local development in their own contexts. 







    By the end of the course, participants will:


    ▌    Identify that economic development does not stand isolated from seemingly ‘non economic factors’.

    ▌    Understand how economic interventions and educational, media, gender psychosocial initiatives can be integrated to support each other.

    ▌    Understand how cultural issues create as well as impact on peace and conflict dynamics.

    ▌    Understand realities in the field against concepts, approaches and good practice in economic progress of South Asian societies and be able to apply them in their own context.





    This four day event is designed particularly for South and South East Asia-based development agencies, corporate organisations and policy making institutions. However, applicants from non South Asian and South East Asian countries are welcome to apply if they feel they will benefit from the program. 


    This training cum roundtable discussion will bring together experienced programme and project managers, implementers in various sectors and policy makers, members of corporate institutions and scholars in an interactive setting to build skills and knowledge on integrating economic dimensions with other disciplines for maximum effect. The event will facilitate exchange between practitioners working at different levels, and reflect a spectrum of approaches, working methods and perspectives on economic development targeting both micro and macro levels. This training will also be very useful for practitioners who have been working on economic development issues intended to address structural inequalities and community grievances.





    This course is designed to familiarise development practitioners with current international debates as well as practice in economic interventions, and to give them a chance to work through some of the emerging issues and dilemmas. In particular, participants will learn to assess the risks and opportunities present in different economi and recovery interventions, political economy analysis; to identify different types of economic actors and their capacities for contributing to economic stability; and to develop practical ideas and strategies for working with them.





    • Members in the Corporate/Private Sector willing to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in their works
    • Public and private institutions carrying out works in the micro finance sector and micro-enterprises development sector in conflict and post-conflict situations.
    • Social entrepreneurs from conflict and post-conflict contexts.
    • Policy makers in the public sector
    • District based organisations engaged in rural development and post-war community development works
    • Staff members in donor agencies who need in-depth analysis into practical realities for supporting peace through development
    • Members of academic institutions
    • Members of government and non-government organisations and UN agencies working in the areas of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and post-conflict recovery.


    Applicants should have:


    y  A minimum of 2 years relevant experience in economic development, conflict transformation, post-conflict recovery and peacebuilding programming and implementation

    y  Experience of working in a conflict or post-conflict context

    y  A basic understanding of ‘peace and conflict concepts’ and ‘conflict-sensitivity’

    y  Strong English language skills


    The training will be facilitated by a team of experienced international facilitators with support and input from Sri Lankan trainers.



    To apply please email with your interest in attending this program with a description of the work you do and your interest in the subject along with your name, workplace, country and land. Mobile and email contact details.


    We will then get back to you on the next phase of program registration and application.


    International organisations and institutions:   $650

    National organisations and institutions:         $300

    The fees cover course materials, food and accommodation.



    APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12th December for international participants

                                                    16th December for Nepali participants

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