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Earth Travel Advisory to All Extra-Terrestrials

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    Earth Travel Advisory to All Extra-Terrestrials

    Earth – Year 4.54 Billion

    World Service Authority (WSA), preeminent world citizenship and universal rights organization, issues a travel advisory to all extra-terrestrials considering visiting Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Universe, Multiverse.

    Due to state-sponsored violence, to the ubiquitous production, distribution and usage of weaponry, to the degradation of the environment through pollution, toxins, and climate change, to violations of rights and duties of terrestrial inhabitants mostly by humans, the WSA advises that all travel to the planet be curtailed until humans unite as world citizens under world law, the basis for world peace.

    Speaking from their World Office at +38.90 latitude, -77.03 longitude, David Gallup, President of the WSA, said, “We cannot guarantee your safety when attempting to land or as a tourist. It is quite possible that you could be caught in the crossfires of human aggression, or arbitrarily detained for so-called ‘scientific,’ ‘national security’ or ‘public order’ reasons.”

    At this time, according to WSA’s estimation, the likelihood of an extra-terrestrial’s universal rights being violated while visiting the planet remains high.

    Garry Davis, World Citizen #1 and Founder of the WSA, once wrote, “Given today’s increasing social, political and environmental planet-wide upheavals, we must ask the question, ‘Are we at the final act of human life on the planet or at the beginning of a new age?’” While this question remains to be answered, extra-terrestrials are encouraged to contact the Department of Universal Travel prior to arranging any trip to this quadrant.

    For More Information, Contact:
    World Service Authority®


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