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Conflict Analysis Resources needed

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    Iulia Socea

    Hi, all!

    Can anyone recommend me some websites/books/articles/documents that include examples of conflict analysis or conflict analysis exercises that can be used in a training programme with individuals that don’t have much field experience.
    I’d be interested in a conflict analysis simulation exercise, where participants are presented a number of conflict analysis tools (which I have already prepared), followed by an applied exercise, for instance based on a documentation folder that they can use to apply those tools for a particular conflict situation.
    Alternatively, a peacebuilding simulation would be helpful as well, but I am mainly interested in conflict analysis.
    Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
    Warm wishes,

    Iulia Socea
    Project Manager – From Woman to Woman/Musicians without Borders
    Trainer – IPDTC/PATRIR 
    Associate Producer & Scriptwriter – Peace is the Way Films Ltd.



    This is a subject area close to my heart. while attending a course in South Africa on applied conflict transformation, i had given a presentation on religious based conflict in Pakistan. i had applied a few tools for analysis such as force fields, conflict mapping, and later in an article on UN conflict resolution approaches published in South Asian Journal I viewed Kashmir issue from the lens of mutually hurting stalemate. i reapplied it in an article on Construction of Kalabagh Dam, which is available on open source. i can share all of this work with you.

    i will however suggest that you should pick an empirical setting such as Northern Ireland Conflict, Kashmir conflict or Taliban conflict in Pakistan etc, which in my opinion will bring in all the analysis tools in evaluating these that you are keen in application. otherwise, you can pick up an empirical setting but modify the situation a bit as well as the actors such as situation in Syria or Iraq or Turkey to have control in bringing out the lessons by application of tools that you are intending to bring in play. 

    where ever you need assistance, i shall be available

    Muhammad Feyyaz Lahore Pakistan



    Hi, Lulia.

    I have around 40 analysis on roughly 300 cases of mass and/or violent conflicts in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) with forecasts and road map-formatted recommendations (please, find attached). You may disregard main part of brief conflict news and pay attention rather to:

    1) inter-ethnic (violent) conflict in Iskra (Bulletin #31)

    2) mass (non-violent, but violence related) meetings organized by a criminal “king” Ryspek Akmatbaev.

    If you like them, I can provide you with other issues, you may write me at Facebook: 

    Good luck,



    P.S. Simulation is very easy with such cases if you apply onion method. I did it and worked well 🙂  

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    Iulia Socea

    Thank you very much, Muhammad! Very useful suggestions 

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    Jenny Aulin

    Hi Iulia, 

    At GPPAC we’ve compiled a Conflict Analysis Field Guide based on a review of existing conflict analysis tools – can be downloaded here. It’s due to be updated this year based on feedback etc so pls let us know if you use it! Lately we’ve also incorporated some really useful guidance from the latest book of Lisa Schirch, templates and training presentations available on this website:

    Good luck

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    Iulia Socea

    Thank  you, Nurlan! Great resources, I’ll read in detail and see if I need more info. 



    Profile photo of Iulia Socea
    Iulia Socea

    Great, thank you, Jenny! The field guide is fantastic!



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