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    <span id=”ember142187″ class=”ember-view”>Colleagues: Call for papers- Conflict, Trauma and Resilience- Due April 1, 2019. Our Field Notes of Applied Conflict Science (ISSN 2475-2096) seeks to support the growth of conflict resolution practitioners and policymakers. Field Notes articles address the implications of conflict practice and research on policy-making decisions while exploring how theories and research can better inform practice, and how practice can impact policy. In this volume we aim to publish a collection of papers addressing the phenomenon of trauma in conflict spaces around the world. Trauma studies and the field of conflict are inherently linked, the nexus between the two is ominously present and impacts multiple actors, from individuals and communities caught in intractable violence to those intervening and engaging in it, such as military personnel and aid workers. Please follow the link for detailed description and submission guidelines. This is a peer-reviewed practitioner oriented Journal. If you wish to submit research-based papers (with strict methodological requirement) please go to our other publication, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Conflict Science (ISSN 2377-6382)  </span>
    <h3>Within the context of trauma and conflict, we specifically seek to address the following themes and their variations:</h3>

    • Psychological and psychosocial effects of trauma in conflict and warfare;
    • The effects of trauma on stabilization, peacebuilding, reconciliation or transitional justice mechanisms;
    • Collective/generational transmission of trauma, memory and historical narratives
    • Secondary transmission of trauma (transference/countertransference);
    • Trauma and countering violent extremism/terrorism;
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and healing;
    • Trauma in Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) practices;
    • Trauma cycle and dynamics within Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders.
    • Resilience development and mechanisms
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