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Call for applications: Doctoral, masters, and certificate programs in Conflict Resolution Studies at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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    (This is a sponsored post on PCDN)

    Call for applications: Doctoral, masters, and certificate programs in Conflict Resolution Studies at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    We apply a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective to the conflicts facing individuals, families, organizations, communities, and nations. With an international sensibility and a commitment to individual and social integrity, we seek collaborative, creative, and equitable means for resolving social conflict.

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    Our diverse and talented students learn to become reflective and ethical scholar-practitioners— professionals with a critical understanding of skills, theories, and research methods that relate to conflict and its resolution. They also learn an appreciation of the values, responsibility, and privilege inherent in cocreating peaceful global change. We are committed to engaged scholarship that generates comprehensive and new understandings of the biggest social problems affecting our times and seek ways of resolving the conflicts that those social problems may create.



    Our Faculty

    Students have the opportunity to learn and work with our diverse faculty, which has a background that spans a wide range of academic disciplines. We boast one of the largest conflict analysis and resolution faculties in the world and because all of our courses are taught directly by expert conflict resolution professors, students develop relationships with faculty members that lead to career opportunities.


    M.S. Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    The M.S. degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution is designed to train reflective professionals in the practice, design, and evaluation of state-of-the-art approaches to conflict resolution. The M.S. program focuses on pragmatic approaches to resolving conflict and related problems inherent in our globalizing world. Students are exposed to an array of techniques and strategies to help achieve nonviolent, non-litigious solutions for conflicts that arise in many personal, professional, organizational, and social settings. The M.S. program consists of a 12-course (36 credits) sequence with core courses that include conflict resolution theory, practice skills, field placement, research design, and program evaluation, as well as an array of elective courses.

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    Ph.D. Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    The Ph.D. program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, which consists of 76 credit hours, trains students in the skills and techniques of practice, interdisciplinary research, policy and program development, historical critique, cultural analysis, and theoretical foundations of the field. The mission of the doctoral program is to advance the study and practice of conflict analysis and resolution by mentoring and training leaders in the field who have a deep understanding of conflict resolution theory, practice, research, education, and a passion for the field. Students pursue an in-depth study in the field of conflict resolution while working closely with experienced, interdisciplinary faculty members with a variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, both qualitative and quantitative.

    The Ph.D. program focuses on understanding and mastering qualitative and quantitative research knowledge and analysis, developing professional leadership skills, producing publications of quality and substance, and improving skills for reflective conflict resolution practice.



    Graduate Certificate Program in Peace Studies

    The Graduate Certificate Program in Peace Studies offers interdisciplinary graduate studies for lifelong learners who want to become familiar and skilled in the discourse of peace studies. This 15 credit hour program offers an opportunity to gain a broad understanding of various aspects of peace building and conflict resolution skills. Areas of study include the history and theory of international and domestic conflict; the political, economic, cultural, and social roots of such conflict; the causes and conduct of warfare; violence prevention; and global institutions for the resolution of conflict.

    This program is appropriate for those who seek graduate training in peace studies as well as those who have already earned a degree in their professional field but would benefit from adding academic training in the application of peace studies to their current professions.



    Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice

    The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice offers students the fundamentals of applied conflict resolution and advanced training in the conflict resolution skill-set—such as negotiation in a variety of contexts, mediation, and facilitating dialogue. Since 15 credit hour program is intended to meet the needs of those individuals who seek more expertise in conflict resolution and are mainly interested in becoming practitioners in the field. It may also be appropriate for professionals who have already earned a graduate degree in their professional area, but who would benefit from adding the academic study of applications of conflict analysis and resolution to their current professions. Others may want to earn a certificate prior to applying to either the M.S. or Ph.D. programs.


    Our Residential Institute and Global Field Courses

    All of our online students are required to visit sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, twice each year to participate in our hallmark Residential Institutes (RI). RI provides an important opportunity to meet with faculty members and other students, practice newly-acquired skills in a safe and secure learning environment, and partake in other optional sessions and special presentations from the leaders in the field of conflict resolution.

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    Organizational and International Focus

    We also offer Global Field courses that allow students to travel overseas in order to engage with the issues and topics they are exploring in their studies. Students take part in a wide variety of experiential activities that deepen their understanding of conflicts and approaches to resolution, within the conflict setting, making each course unique and contextual. Particular areas of focus have included environmental conflict and human rights and post-conflict reconciliation processes. Examples of Global Field course locations include: Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Israel, Morocco, and Suriname. 



    Career Opportunities

    Conflict Analysis and Resolution opens doors to a wide range of employment opportunities. Our graduates work in such fields as

    • community-based, workplace, and court-annexed mediation
    • dispute systems design and program design
    • education, peer mediation and youth development at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels
    • federal, state, and local law enforcement
    • government and public policy development
    • international development, human rights, and peace building
    • non-governmental and faith-based organizations
    • organizational consulting and training

    If you have questions, you may reach a graduate enrollment manager at 1-800-541-6682, ext. 27563, 954-262-7563, or email

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    Peace Studies Graduate Certificate

    Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice Graduate Certificate

    M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution              

    Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution





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