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The 2018 #BridgeBuilder Challenge is accepting your ideas! Share how you might better develop connections between peace, prosperity, and planet for a chance at up to $1M in funding

Home Forums Competitions, Prizes and Awards The 2018 #BridgeBuilder Challenge is accepting your ideas! Share how you might better develop connections between peace, prosperity, and planet for a chance at up to $1M in funding

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    The Need to Build Bridges

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    Global challenges are complex and interwoven, and cannot be solved in isolation. Whether working to advance peace, ensure prosperity, or protect our planet, there is a need to design and build approaches that incorporate multiple perspectives, keeping pace with the speed at which the global community is moving and evolving. Therefore, building and maintaining connections between people and issue areas is essential.  Throughout the innovation Challenge, we refer to this as ‘bridging’ work.

    The Need for Meaningful Engagement

    A different kind of solution requires a new way of working, both within communities of focus and with each other. How might a design leverage and empower local assets, rather than perpetuate inequitable power dynamics? BridgeBuilders approach the complex and interwoven challenges at hand in a human-centered and community driven way, equipping end users to thrive and evolve sustainably. 

    BridgeBuilder Engagement Principles:

    To guide your work, we have outlined these five Principles, which reflect BridgeBuilder’s vision for engagement and design approach. We hope you and your organizations will find opportunities to build these into your projects and Challenge participation:

    • Meet people where they are. Geographically, socially, culturally, and otherwise.
    • Build relationships. Foster trusting, authentic, and reciprocal relationships characterized by respect and compassion.
    • Listen deeply. Listen with humility and treat peoples’ stories with dignity and respect.
    • Work alongside. Work with partners and communities to assist and empower them in the process of infusing new life and vitality (either environmentally or socially) into their communities.
    • Be responsive. Address and incorporate new learning as relationships deepen, further knowledge is revealed, and community or contextual conditions change.
    The Need for Effective Design

    We are looking for ideas that address the urgency of a problem while designing with the community to permanently change the situation. We are interested in solutions designed not for but with the communities of focus. Our BridgeBuilder Design Principles will guide our finalist selection process, and should serve as a North star as you build solutions.

    BridgeBuilder Design Principles:

    • Address Urgent Needs. We are looking for ideas that address pressing, urgent global and local challenges faced by people and communities at the intersection of peace, prosperity and planet around the world. Winning ideas will clearly articulate the urgent need which their idea aims to address. 
    • Root Ideas in Community. We are looking for ideas that utilize approaches built from the context, cultures, knowledge, wisdom, needs, and aspirations of the communities of focus.
    • Promote Pathways Towards More Equitable and Just Systems.  We are looking for ideas that have the potential for lasting change by shifting power structures, altering narratives, and moving the world in a more equitable and just direction. In other words, ideas that sustainably empower communities, emphasize the positive, and lift people to reach their full potential.
    • Be Principles Driven. We are looking for ideas that use BridgeBuilder Engagement and Design principles to guide reflection, decision-making, and action in the face of complexity and uncertainty.
    Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

    Submissions are welcome from registered nonprofit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations working anywhere in the United States or around the world. 

    Our Submission Guidelines:

    • Bridge two or more topic areas: Ideas must address two or more of the topic areas (peace, prosperity, and planet). 
    • Originality: Ideas should also strive to build and repair unique bridges between people, issues, and beliefs that promote meaningful engagement, greater social cohesion, and sustainable, community-led change. 
    • Actionable and tangible: Ideas must be actionable and center on tangible results in the community of focus (rather than research, convenings, policy development, or advocacy). 
    • Within funding scope: Ideas that can be implemented within a 36 month timeline and budget requests of less than US$500,000.

    Final Submissions Due:

    June 4 @ 5pm PT

    For more info click here

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