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The Shuttleworth Foundation offers fellowships to individuals to implement their innovative idea for social change

Home Forums Startup and Social Entrepreneur Opportunities The Shuttleworth Foundation offers fellowships to individuals to implement their innovative idea for social change

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    The only true way is not a project plan but a champion

    The holy grail for every funder is sustained impact – an approach continuing to influence behaviour positively long after your funding has run out. We believe people, rather than systems or organisations, are at the heart of sustaining change. The only true way is not a project plan but a champion, someone who will drive an idea through an ever changing landscape, to continue to make a real difference in the world.

    That is why we invest in individuals, building a family, not a portfolio. Each fellow is passionate about a unique cause they typically pursue both before and after the fellowship. We make a conscious choice not to limit our scope because we believe in the power of a diverse network. We strive to build a community of fellows who work together across disciplines, sparked by their similarities and strengthened by their differences.

    To help us get there, we identify amazing people with innovative ideas, give them a fellowship grant, and multiply the money they put into their own project by a factor of ten or more.

    If we are deliberate about finding great people, supporting and sharing their positive approaches for social change, the world will get better, faster. That is why we are looking for social innovators who are open at heart, have a fresh perspective on addressing challenges and have a very clear idea of their role in bringing about positive change.

    Fellowship Applications

    Applications for the September 2017 fellowship intake are open. The application round will close on 14 May 2017.

    The Shuttleworth Foundation offers fellowships to individuals to implement their innovative idea for social change. We are most interested in exceptional ideas at the intersection between technology, knowledge and learning, with openness being the key requirement.

    The Foundation funds people from all over the world regardless of gender, age, nationality or experience. We are looking for a complete picture of you and your idea.

    Get Started

    Get Started

    We invite individuals with a fresh approach to solving a social challenge, using openness, to apply to our Fellowship Program.

    Applicants may choose to make their application public at any time. You are most welcome to do so. For those who choose not to, your application will remain private in its entirety within the Foundation and its immediate support network until such time as you may be offered a Fellowship. At that point, we will have a conversation on how best to share information about you as a Fellow in the interest of openness. Applicants who choose to make their application public do not have a specific advantage over those who choose not to do so during the selection process.

    In order to keep your application private, you may choose to protect your video submission with a password. Please submit the password along with the video link via our secure application form.

    No partial applications will be considered.

    Apply now!


    Application Checklist

    The Do’s and Don’ts of your Fellowship Application


    A completed application comprises:

    • The (completed & submitted) application form.
    • Your 5 minute application video (public or private).
    • Your up to date resume.


    We do not accept any of the following:

    • Hard copy applications.
    • Partial applications – you must answer all the questions and “submit” the form.
    • Email applications.

    Application Pointers

    The only true way is not a project plan but a champion

    Over the years we have reviewed (and funded) many, many proposals and fellowship applications. In the current incarnation of the Foundation we support individuals to implement their idea for social change. Prospective applicants often ask us to narrow down the parameters for applications and be more specific about what we’re looking for. We are not planning on doing that, as we want to be surprised and intrigued by applicants, no matter how unconventional the idea may be.

    However, we can provide some thoughts on what to keep in mind while developing your application for our fellowship. We hope these are useful, for applying for the Fellowship, and for distilling the essence of your idea.

    Our number one ask is that openness be at the core of your idea and/or its implementation. Openness is not an add on. It is a  fundamental approach to both participation and intellectual property…

    For more info click here

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