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    Craig Zelizer

    Dear Colleagues

    Greetings. In order to help to grow the network and to attract new members, we need your input of what you like about PCDN 3.0 and how you’re are using or benefiting from the  the platform.  If you might have time to provide brief comments on how this site has helped you in your work/professional development, this would be very helpful. In your responses please also include your name, job, organization, location and if we have permission to post your comments on a separate page promoting the network. Please respond with your comments to this posting. If you have changes you would like to see on PCND please send them directly to info(at)

    Some possible benefits from being on the site might include:

    * New Contacts
    * Obtaining a Scholarship
    * Attending a Training Program
    * New Research
    * New Information
    * New Projects
    * Other Areas


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    Anne Farrell

    Why being a Member?  To chat, write and act for peace and for change!

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    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks. Would appreciate if you can let others know about PCDN 3.0. We will also be adding more new

    features and improvements in the months to come as well as adding more online and in person events.

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    Stone Conroy

    I was first introduced to PCDN while at the Masters Program for Conflict Resolution at Georgetown. As someone new to the field, PCDN was an essential resource. It was where I went to learn about potential jobs, search for guidance on peacebuilding ideas, and read blog posts from insightful practitioners.

    The new website makes all of this much easier, and it continues to be an indispensable resource now that I’m out of grad school and working in the peace and security field. I’m still learning about new research and exciting opportunities, and the much greater emphasize on social entrepreneurship in recent years is a welcome (and much needed) shift.
    PCDN will undoubtedly continue to grow and foster collaborative development in the peacebuilding world, creating new connections between people and ideas that will help transform the the conflict resolution field for the better

    Profile photo of Craig Zelizer
    Craig Zelizer

    Thanks for your support and feedback. Please feel free to also suggest things we might consider doing to improve PCDN and/or new features/ways we can better engage with our members.

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    Adam Wolf

    I first became familiar with PCDN during the summer of 2016 when I still resided in Wisconsin. I was searching for jobs in the Washington DC area, specifically within the peace and security field. Through PCDN, I applied and was interviewed for the job I am currently positioned in today with the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

    PCDN is an excellent resource for those wishing to advance their knowledge or seek opportunities within the fields of peace, security, and development. One of the most beneficial aspects I have found is that PCDN is great at highlighting smaller or lesser known organizations. It can be difficult for organizations to create a name brand and recruit talent for specific positions. PCDN assists such organizations in promoting their work, conferences, and events, while also accessing a growing network of skilled professionals.

    I recommend PCDN in the highest regards. The new website and interface is easy to use and the network it is creating is very distinct and beneficial. For those interested in peacebuilding, development, and human rights, PCDN should serve as one of your main resources for opportunities, career advancement, and media. It’s network is expanding to major policy environments, such as Washington DC, Brussels, New York, and London, while also reaching out to professionals that do field work.

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    Craig Zelizer

    Dear Adam

    Thanks for taking time to share your experience about the impact/value of PCDN, it is greatly appreciated. Delighted that you were able to find your position at the Alliance for Peacebuilding via our network. Would appreciate if you can let others know about PCDN.





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