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How PCDN can help you

There is no lack of material out there but what is needed is high-quality expert-curated information you can trust to help you advance on your career.  Sure you can find the information yourself, but who has that kind of time? By joining PCDN you will access career opportunities, fellowships, events, articles, webinars and basically all the tools you need to advance your career or your organization in the social impact space.

What makes us unique? At PCDN is we are sector agnostic. We have career postings from the nonprofit space, social enterprises, academia, government and more. We know that advancing change requires cross-sectoral collaboration and diverse range of skills.


What is the best way to stay informed?

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On PCDN you can find:

Jobs, Internships & Consultancies Many leading organizations in the social sector, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, development and related sectors recruit on PCDN around the world (and some location independent positions as well). Check out our Career Board for current openings as well as the world’s best meta-list of job resources/sites in the social sector.

Fellowships/Scholarships – can be a great way to build skills, academic knowledge and advance professional experience. On PCDN you can find short-term summer fellowships, support for graduate degrees, professional opportunities from the junior to senior level and more.  They are posted in our forums and also in our startup/social entrepreneur forum. We also have a terrific meta-list of key funders/fellowships in the social change space.

Funding/Grants for Social Entrepreneurs, Media Professionals and NGOS. These are listed in our Forums Section



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