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Facilitating MSPs to foster sustainalbe and inclusive food systems

November 4 - November 22


In this course, you will learn what multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are and why they are seen as a key strategy for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. We will explore the key principles for effective MSPs, discuss how to design and facilitate them, and practice with a range of participatory tools.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • to understand the concepts and rationale of multi-stakeholder partnerships, complexity and institutional change;
  • to analyse different types of multi-stakeholder partnerships in terms of the issues at stake, the stakeholders, their interests, (power) relations, conflicts, external context, etc.;
  • to discover how to design and plan an extended MSP;
  • to practice and learn how to use a broad range of participatory methodologies and tools in MSPs;
  • to be challenged on your own facilitation, and communication skills


Wageningen Centre for Development
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