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The PCDN network has helped impact thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to help connect, inspire, inform and provide sources of funding, scholarships, training and much more. We run a very lean operation and rely on support from our members, partners and advertisers to continue our work. We urge you to consider supporting our work in anyway you can. Currently less than 2% of our memberships provide financial support. Help us sustain our work by adding your contribution. We ask that you to consider paying $10 or up annually to help us continue these essential services.

As the go to hub for the global social change community, we rely on support from our members to cover our many operating costs including staff, web hosting, site development, outreach, content development, events, and more. PCDN’s mission is to democratize access to information for everyone.

We believe in open access to ensure anyone in the world can benefit from our network. Not all members can afford to pay, but we strongly encourage you to make an annual payment in support of work (at the level you can afford, ranging from $9.95 to $99.95 a year). For those who cannot pay we do offer a free membership option (the curious level). We also offer yearly organizational memberships that provide a special set of benefits. Please contact us info(at)pcdnetwork.org for more info.

PCDN provides a vital service that benefits thousands of individuals and organizations around the world each year. We run a very lean operation and rely on support from our members, partners and advertisers to continue our work. Please take a minute to think about the impact or benefit of PCDN for you and others, and choose a membership level that will help us sustain and scale our work/impact.

Please note PCDN is a limited liability corporation and thus payments are not tax-deductible.

The membership levels are as follows:


How can I tell when my membership expires? Membership is for 12 months. Prior to the expiration of your membership term, you will receive an email notifying you that it is time to renew your subscription.  Your membership expiration date can also view-able in the member dashboard. Or if your membership expires when you login again you will be asked to choose to a membership level.

How do I make a Payment?

There are two ways to make a payment. The first is via your membership page. The second is via the donate button on the right hand side of the page. For more on the payment process see the Payment FAQ Page

I have already made a payment, but my membership isn’t active? If you have any problems please contact us at help(at)pcdnetwork.org

Why Support PCDN?

Please see our Top 10 Reasons to Support PCDN

For additional questio.ns about your payment, visit our FAQ page.

Please contact us if you need an invoice or have additional questions.

If you can or cannot contribute for some reason please then do some of the following:

  • Invite your networks to join and inform them about PCDN
  • Follow us on Twitter , Facebook, Linkedin
  • Contribute new content to PCDN– blog posts, events, resources, etc.
  • Consider giving in the future

The Future of PCDN

With your support, PCDN will continue to grow and thrive and work on the following initiatives.

  • Expanding interviews with leading practitioners/scholars in the field
  • Launching online and in person  events
  • Developing new tools for career development for professionals
  • Increasing the number of resource guides in key areas
  • Soliciting a greater number of job and scholarship postings
  • Advancing our outreach to key organizations and individuals around the world
  • Improving metrics to measure the impact of PCDN
  • Increasing our staff
  • And many other areas (please feel free to suggest new ideas)


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