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PCDN Career Solutions

We believe that everyone in the world should have equal opportunity to connect their purpose to making the world a better place. While we know this is a lofty vision, we dedicate substantial energy, time and passion to helping changemakers around find their right path.

We know building a career can be challenging, and many people may not have access to the peer and professional support networks they need. This is where PCDN and our many resources can play a huge role.


The PCDN team has decades of experience mentoring students & professionals from around the world in building careers of impact. We have experience in many sectors ourselves including helping found and work for nonprofits, experience in academia (Dr. Zelizer was a full-time faculty member at Georgetown University for 10 years), the social enterprise sector and more. We each have help numerous fellowships and have guided countless professionals and students around the world in their career developed.

We have conducted workshops, trainings, webinars around the world on building a career of impact. We also have done pioneering research regarding the linkages (and gaps) between higher education and career opportunities which has resulted in  peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and reports based on extensive conversations with employers in social change, university faculty, graduates, career center staff and more. Through PCDN we keep our pulse on the key trends in social change.


Dr. Catalina Rojas and Dr. Craig Zelizer PCDN Leadership Staff and Principal Career Coaches

PCDN leadership staff has PhDs from one of the best Conflict Resolution programs worldwide.  We have been in the field of social change for over two decades in various leadership capacities: as professors, researchers, consultants to top international organizations.  We have hired (and fired) employers, managers, interns. We have quited jobs, gotten promotions and changed careers.


PCDN Career Solutions




PCDN Platform – The world’s best opportunities in social change. Sign up as a member and get on our daily newsletter to have opportunities delivered to your inbox. We do the hard work of curating amazing content so you can focus on your work and changing the world.



PCDN Social Change Career Podcast –  Whether you call yourself a changemaker, a troublemaker, a social entrepreneur, an advocate or an activist, this podcast will bring you real life tips, career dos and dont’s, stories of failure and frustrations and also inspiration and insights for your own career trajectory. The Social Change Career Podcast has been included in the 2018 Top Career Podcasts.

PCDN Career Series – While each path to building a career is unique, there are key things all changemakers need to do and consider such as developing a resume, building purpose driven network, deciding what areas of change to focus on finding jobs, applying for jobs, negotiating, etc. There are also emerging trends in the larger field that one needs to be aware of in order to prepare for the future of work in the age of rapid technological advances. PCDN has run a yearly career series where we engage in the nuts and bolts of career in social change as well as the big picture questions.  Our career series content is developed in partnership with leading changemakers and institutions around the world.

The Social Change Career Helping Line – Making change in the world can be a lonely and sometimes frustrating endeavor. Finding a way to combine one’s skills, passion, knowledge with the actual job market can be terrifying. While some people completing degrees may have access to great career centers, in many parts of the world, this isn’t the case. Thus, we setup the world’s first crowd & expert sourced HelpLine for Careers in Change.  Building the PCDN expertise, and wisdom of our membership, we also were lucky to create an Advisory Board of over 35 leading changemakers from diverse sectors who also periodically share insights. To date we have over 1,500 members from 60+ countries.

PCDN Career Coaching

From the Career Series, to the Career Helping Line, the Resource Guides PCDN offers a huge amount of original and amazing content which is free for all members. While we love helping as many people as possible, there are no hours in the day available to help everyone one-on-one.  We devote most of our time producing free and original content.  A few hours of the day are allocated for one-on-one coaching which we need to charge.  Also, we need to eat too.  When you hire us you will walk away with an amazing resume, a clear career path, with plenty of tools to navigate and conquer the social change field.


PCDN Career Ebook Series- COMING REAL SOON

If you are interested in changing the world and want a career in social impact these e-books are for you.  This is the first of a series of texts dedicated to get you from A to Z in your job search journey or, as we way, from passion to hired. Each book is filled with researched-based data of what works best for getting you hired in the social change sector.  We also have easy to download checklists to help you in the steps needing to land your next gig.












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