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March: Build your Network (online and off)

2017 PCDNetwork’s Career Series

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To see the overview of the full Career Series and upcoming events click here

For March we are focusing on how to build and leverage a network to advance or start a high impact social change career. Please find below the month’s blogs on key aspects of networking from thought leaders in diverse sectors (each week we will be adding new content). Our March webinar with Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur of People at Ashoka (details are below) is the 30th.

Webinar, March 30, 2017: Collaboration for Talent: Hiring for Social Impact, PCDN Career Series with Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur for People at Ashoka
















BLOG POST 1 The ABCs of Networking: Why to love it and how to do it right

















Blog Post 2 Raise Your Hand if You Hate Networking













Blog 3: Finding Your Tribe in The Network Age













Blog 4: It’s time to end the war on talent, and begin collaboration for talent










Blog 5: Don’t be a Hero
















BLOG # 6 3 ways collaborative partnerships can transform social impact
















Blog # 7  6 Creative Strategies for #Networking Your Way into a Job

















Blog# 8 4 Networking Tips for Non-networkers


















Blog # 9 I Networked with 1,200 People Last Year, and Made It Count







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