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Career Resources for Employers

Resources for employers

PCDN is the go-to hub for the global social change community and one of the top sources for recruiting highly skilled professionals  in social change,  international development, peacebuilding, humanitarian relief, social entrepreneurship, international affairs and more. PCDN has over  36,000 members including many leading practitioners, policymakers, and scholars – everyone from students to professionals with over 20 years experience can be found on the platform. Since its founding PCDN has had nearly 5,000,000 visitors and over 22,000,000 page views.

Many leading local, regional and international organizations regularly use PCDN to recruit and identify candidates for jobs, consulting opportunities and internships, including: Saferworld, Tech Change, Atlas Service Corps, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, leading private sector companies, policy and academic institutions around the world and more.


PCDN offers a global community of 36,000 professionals, many of whom are seeking (or can refer others) professional opportunities. Employers can post job, internships and/or consultancy opportunities and identify and recruit top talent through PCDN.

Employers can currently search through member profiles by sectoral, technical or geographic background to be proactive in finding candidates. With the launch of PCDN 3.0 in February 2016,  PCDN is also exploring developing a searchable resume database in 2016.

While it is free to post opportunities on PCDN, the average posting receives 30 views.  For employers who want to reach the global PCDN pool we offer several options to distribute your opportunity including:

Social Media Outreach –  Featured job postings will be distributed  on our social media channels (13,000+ on Facebook, 12,000 on Twitter and 2,000 on Linkedin).

Newsletter – Select professional opportunities can be distributed via PCDN’s #beintheknow member daily digest  and/or weekly public #gotchange newsletter.

Featured on the Home Page –  Select opportunities can be highlighted on the PCDN home page for a specific duration to help attract interest.

As indicated posting opportunities is currently free (although we appreciate any support that can be provided).  The average job posting on PCDN has 30 views. Postings that are featured via our newsletter, social media and the home page, usually have 300-500+ views attracting a much stronger pool of candidates.

Employers can purchase a one time job distribution package for $200 (discounts available for organizations from the Global South or smaller organizations with limited budgets). PCDN also offers yearly employer packages. Please contact us at ad(at) for more information. To make a payment click on donate and enter $200 or contact us at info(at) and we can provide an invoice.

A paid yearly organizational membership includes the following benefits:

  1. Distribution of Job Postings – Paid organizational members are eligible to have up to select positions sent PCDN’s global community via our email newsletters, have postings featured on our Twitter,  Linked & Facebook accounts and opportunities featured on the home page.
  2. Unlimited Job Postings on PCDN – Each organization can place unlimited number of jobs each month directly on PCDN (these need to be posted directly by the org and positions need to match with the themes of PCDN).
  3. Find Candidates on PCDN – Paid organizational members will have a special employer account. Employers can can search (by sector, geographic location, years of experience, etc.)  to find proactivley find candidates. Yearly employer  members will also have access to the member resume database once it launches. PCDN can also provide guidance in identifying candidates. Employers can also access and search the PCDN Linkedin Group.
  4. Technical Support – PCDN offers organizations support for how to best use the network through email and phone support (by appointment).
  5. Help PCDN Grow – Financial support helps to support and grow the PCDN network.
  6. Eligible for Discounts on PCDN Advertising – Organizational Members are eligible to receive a discount for ads placed on PCDN (space permitting)

The rate for a yearly membership varies according to the size of the organization.

Posting opportunities

NOTE: we only permit posting of opportunities that fit the PCDN criteria, we reserve the right to not accept inappropriate postings.

Employers may also appreciate the meta list of Key Job Sites in the field that provides an overview of other top recruiting sites.

If you have questions about the rates for organizational memberships, would like to discuss customized options or for additional questions please contact PCDN at ad(at)

NOTE: we only permit posting of opportunities that fit the PCDN criteria, we reserve the right to not accept inappropriate postings.

What others say about recruiting on PCDN?

At Saferworld recruiting high quality candidates for our vacancies is crucial. PCDN is one of our top sources, reaching, as it does, far and wide amongst the peacebuilding/conflict prevention community. Marie Aziz, Human Resources Manager, Saferworld

PCDN is vital to the work of Atlas Corps as we recruit professionals from around the world. It has also become a network builder as the majority of our Fellows use PCDN to forward their long-term professional goals. Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, PCDN has helped us reach more than 130 countries as we receive on average 500 to 1,000 applications a month.  Scott Beale, Founder & CEO, Atlas Corps

In a bind to find a specialized consultant on short notice, we recently posted to the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Within a matter of days we had a sizable pool of candidates for the position, and within two weeks we secured from amongst them someone with just the right credentials for the job. Thank you PCDN. Tarek Massarini, Program Manager,Salam Institute for Peace and Justice

What I like the most about this network is its diversity. Not one person, institution, or epistemology, ranks above others due to geography. PCDN has kept me informed, allowed me to voice some opinions, and most importantly, has allowed me to carry out two successful job searches in the past two years. The quality and diversity of candidates that applied to work in my department has just been outstanding. Before posting my job advertisement to PCDN, I had a handful of serious applications. PCDN increased the application numbers by more than 400%. The diversity of the candidates allowed me to interview qualified candidates from all over the world, hence reflecting in my department the diversity of our student population at UPEACE. I find PCDN to be an invaluable job search resource. Dr. Victoria Fontan, former Associate Professor, Head, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace

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